Founder President

Roger Graham


Senior Vice-President ............Derek Orchard

Junior Vice-President..............Barry Austin

Secretary..................................John Welch

Treasurer..................................Bob Hall

Assistant Secretary..................John Astell

Club Service..............................Gordon Ash

Community Service .................Maurice Adcock

Vocational ................................Wilfrid Baxendale Bains

International Service................Michael Hammond

Foundation................................Martin Wilson

Membership..............................Chris Bostock

Bulletin Editor..........................Derek Orchard

Attendance Officer..................John Flattley

At the start of the Rotary year there were 32 Club Members

Average age of the 32 founder members at the date of our Charter Presentation was 44. Oldest John Pikett 57, youngest Martin Wilson 29.


Meeting Venue  

The Blue Ball, Risley.
Charter on Monday April 28th, 1986
Venue The Regency Rooms, Ilkeston
RIBI Conference Scarborough

Inaugural Members (at Grange Farm) from the bottom left:

John Flattley, Martin Wilson, Paul Juffs, Derek Orchard, Roger Graham, Barry Austin, Brian Collyer, Dick Shaw ( District Representive, Beeston R.C.), Wilfrid Baxendale-Baines, John Cox, Bob Hall, Maurice Adcock, Peter Dawson, Brian Machin, John Astell, Roger Sanderson, Alan Welbourne, Peter Woods, John Welch, Vic Taylor ( Long Eaton R.C.), Brian Smith, Ken Watson, Tim Barker, Michael Hammond, Chris Bostock, Michael Stevenson, David Jones, Michael Fletcher, Gordon Ash, Len Yates ( Long Eaton R.C.), Graham Stalker, John Pikett, Barry Halford, Peter Mann. One inaugural member not present-Mike Basford.

Roger writes:                                                                         

THE FIRST YEAR   03.06.1985 – 30.06.1986

1.Charter Presentation  03.06.1985

The Club was presented with its Charter by the District Governor, Arnold Crosby, on 03.06.1985.

It was held at Grange Farm, Toton.

The following gifts were received :

President’s Jewel                  Long Eaton

SVP Jewel                             Beeston

JVP Jewel                             Derby South

Secretary’s Jewel                 Derby

Treasurer’s Jewel                 Aides to the Formation ( Len Yates & Vic Taylor )

External Plaque                     Ilkeston

Lectern                                   Stapleford & Sandiacre

Bell                                         Keyworth & Ruddington

Visitor’s Book                        Bulwell & Basford

Wheel Palette                        Castle Donington

It was attended by 31 of the 32 Founder Members. The average age of the Founder Members at the date of our Charter Presentation was 44.


2. Membership  1985-86 – Committee Chairman, Chris Bostock

The membership list was closed between the dates of the Inauguration on 15.04.1985 and the Charter Presentation on 03.06.1985.

6 new members were inducted shortly after the membership list was reopened, including Mike Key, Ron Acton  and Geoff Plant, all of whom became the Club President in later years.

On a minus note 4 Founder Members resigned in the Summer of 1985.

At the end of the year in June 1986 the Club had 38 members, a net gain since Inauguration of 6.

3.Meeting Place

The Club’s first meeting place was the Rose and Crown Inn, Draycott. However, the room had to be vacated by 8.15 p.m. to accommodate the Pub’s Pool Team. The time problems came to a head at the DG’s visit on 22.05.1985 and from June 1985 the Club’s meeting place was the Blue Ball, Risley ( now called Risley Park ).


4. Social Events – Club Service Chairman Gordon Ash

Many social events were held in the Club’s first year as the members “ bonded together “ for the first time.

Informal – with wives

Sunday Lunch Party at the President’s House – Roger and Josie Graham

Barbecue – Tim and Ruth Barker

Barn Dance ( with friends ) – Blue Ball

Indoor Bowls – Erewash Indoor Bowls Rink

Ten Pin Bowling – Ilkeston

Christmas Dinner – with external entertainment – Blue Ball


Cricket v Long Eaton – Attenborough ( CWRC were easy winners )

(People I can identify: Barry Austin, Michael Hammond, Roger Graham, Graham Stalker, Gordon Ash, Bob Hall, Edward (Ted) Richmond, Alan Welbourne and one Umpire Derek Orchard. ed)

Indoor Olympics Evening – Club Night – with Long Eaton Rotary & Rotaract Clubs

Snooker Competition – members ( won by President & Alan Welbourne ) – Lenton Abbey


Ladies’ Evening – 22.11.1985 ( President’s 44th birthday ) – Ilkeston – 151 attendees.

1st Charter Anniversary – 28.04.1986 – guest speaker Fran Cotton, Rugby Union ( England, British Lions and Barbarians ) – Ilkeston – 129 attendees.

District Competitions

Long Eaton Indoor Olympics – booby prize

District Quiz – 1st round loser

District Conference – Scarborough – 4 - 6 October 1985

Attended by 4 couples - Roger and Josie Graham, Derek and Margaret Orchard, Maurice and Pat Adcock and Michael and Paula Hammond.

Jeffrey Archer was the Guest Speaker on Sunday 6 October.


5.Community Service – Committee Chairman, Maurice Adcock

5.1  Christmas Float

The first Club Christmas Float collection took place in 1985. Street collections were made on 3 nights – Borrowash ( 2 nights ) and Draycott ( 1 night ) and a static collection took place on a Saturday in Borrowash ( morning ) and Draycott ( afternoon ) .

A total of £555 was raised which was distributed by way of a cash sum to 58 needy people in Borrowash and Draycott. The Club was supplied with the names of the recipients from various charitable, social and medical sources.

(Ken Watson, Barry Austin, Michael Stevenson, Peter Woods, Tim Barker, Roger Graham and Santa Maurice Adcock)

5.2  Help Calendar

This was a card with various emergency telephone numbers printed on the front and the word HELP on the back. A calendar for 1986 was also attached to the card.

600 cards were distributed to the aged and infirm of Borrowash and Draycott in December 1985.

5.3  London Marathon 20.04.1986

Club member and future Club President Geoff Plant ran the London Marathon in 1986. The Club raised £325 for Geoff in aid of a computer for the Cancer Screening Clinic at the QMC in Nottingham.

5.4  Probus Club

Discussions were held during the year in connection with the possibility of forming a Church Wilne Probus Club.


6. Vocational Service – Committee Chairman, Wilfrid Baxendale-Baines

6.1  Job Link 86

This was a counselling programme for all school leavers at Western Mere School, Breaston. 2 group sessions were held in February 1986 relating to the preparation of CV’s and also interview techniques. Individual counselling sessions on a one-to-one basis were also held in March 1986.

6.2  Heart Start

2 Heart Start evenings ( citizen courses on resuscitation ) were held in June 1986. A total of 70 people attended – Club members, wives and members of the public.


7. International – Committee Chairman – Michael Hammond

7.1  Water Aid – Ghana

The Club supported the “ Running for Water “ project organised by the Nottingham Rotary Club. Our Club was responsible for the section from Swarkestone to Trent Lock, providing the runners and marshalls for that section. The project was to “ relay run “ a bottle of water from the source of the River Trent to its mouth.

7.2  Book Collection for Ranfurly Library Service

30 cartons of books in good condition were collected for transmission to the Ranfurly Library in India.

7.3  Emergency Box

1 Box was filled with the appropriate items by the Club members and sent to RIBI in Manchester for use when called upon.

7.4  Hinnerup

Discussions took place with the newly formed Hinnerup Club in Denmark with a view to starting a twinning arrangement in the future.