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We are an enthusiastic group of women who also want to put something back into the community. 

Members can take part in activities that benefit the local community, overseas charities, and various emergency aid projects.

We meet once a month at The Royal Oak, Ockbrook, Derby and enjoy a swift meeting and well prepared meal.  If members wish they can become involved in the committee with a further committee meeting approximately once every 6-8 weeks.

A charity is chosen by the President for that year, most fund raising efforts are then directed towards this charity. One of our favourite social/fundraising events is the Safari Supper. This involves members and their partners meeting at one members home for a starter before separating into groups of 6-8 who travel to different members homes for their main course.  Dessert is usually at the President's home and calorific value of the dishes on offer is strictly not for discussion!

We also support various overseas charities and have an Overseas Service Organiser who collates the various requests for assistance that we have been sent and ensures members are aware of those we choose to support.  There are often many deserving causes and the task of choosing which to support is quite a task. 

We sometimes hold Jumble Sales or collect unwanted toiletries, costume jewellery or make-up for Joy Bags that are distributed to areas of extreme hardship.  We also make Baby Bundles and Toy Bags that can also be distributed to similar areas.  One of a smaller but never the less important projects has been collecting bags of pasta from family and friends for distribution to Bosnia, or the knitting of foot warmers for babies and young children in an orphanage in Rumania.

This is just a taste of the activities in which our Inner Wheel Club takes part.  If you would like more information on membership or just a general chat about what being a member entails, email from the link on our contacts page.

Recent Events 2017-2018

A Rotarian in the Making – Episode 1

23rd January 2018

At our first meeting of the year we welcomed Rotary President Adrian Perkins, who gave us a very entertaining and informative presentation about himself. "Choose to take opportunities" was a theme which ran throughout Adrian's presentation, as he explained that from a very young age, he had always been keen to help and keen to please.

Adrian has 4 siblings and money was often tight as he was growing up. This seems to have encouraged his entrepreneurial spirit and Adrian told us of various occasions throughout his young life where this was demonstrated: helping the school caretaker with his duties each week (he was paid half a crown / 12.5p for this); picking wild watercress on a school outing from the YHA in Bakewell and selling it to the local coalman; watching the headmistress's car at primary school for a shilling / 5p. He also joined and helped at various clubs in school. Adrian became an active member of the school Cossack dance group and as a result of this he met some famous people including Princess Anne and Prince Edward and also the stars of the Carry On films.

When the time to find a job arrived, Adrian applied to the Royal Navy and the Royal Airforce, but settled for a career in the Merchant Navy. During this time he met his first wife and joined her dance group when he was not at sea. It was during this time that he started making promotional material – an activity which developed and became his full time job when he retired from the Merchant Navy.

Adrian illustrated his talk with various photos, ranging from a very cute baby photo, to school photos, to his marriage and the arrival of his children, finishing up with his "joker" photo, which gave us all a smile. When will Adrian return to present "Episode 2" we asked?

President Stephanie thanks Rotary President Adrian for his entertaining talk.

Other highlights of the meeting:

Ann Austin receives a gift from President Stephanie to celebrate her "special" birthday.

Inner Wheel Day Coffee Morning

6th January 2018

Inner Wheel Day saw our members get together for a coffee morning to raise funds for International. Club member Ann Gregory hosted the event at her home, with lovely home baked goodies for sale. There was also a raffle and a "bring & buy" table. A substantial amount was raised on this lovely sunny morning.

Yvette, President Stephanie and Ann tempting us with their home baked items.

Very popular on the day were the cheese, onion and thyme scones baked by President Stephanie. These were inspired by a gift of thyme from District Chairman Vera Dilks when she visited our club in September last year. Here's the recipe for you to try:

Cheese, Onion and Thyme Scones

12 oz Self Raising Flour
2 medium onions, chopped finely
1 tsp cayenne pepper
2 oz butter
3 oz parmesan cheese
3 oz strong cheddar
3-4 tbsp milk
2 eggs
2 or 3 sprigs of thyme
1 tbsp oil
Salt and Pepper

1. Chop the onion in a food processor or cut finely, fry in oil until softened.
2. Sift the flour with salt and pepper and cayenne pepper.
3. Rub in the butter, add the onion and two thirds of the grated cheese.
4. Beat the egg and add to the mix. Strip the leaves off the thyme and add to mix.
5. Make into a soft dough using the milk until the mixture comes together.
6. Roll out quite thickly – around ¾ inch.
7. Use a cutter to cut into rounds.
8. Brush the scones with milk and sprinkle with the rest of the cheese.
9. Bake for 10 – 12 minutes at 200C. Cool on a wire rack.

Strictly Christmas at the Snow Ball!

Monday 18th December 2017

Monday 18th December saw Inner Wheel and Rotary Club members and their friends celebrating Christmas at the Rotary "Snow Ball" held at Trent College, Long Eaton.

Inner Wheel President Stephanie Cook and
Rotary President Adrian Perkins set the scene for festive fun.

A fantastic "Gingerbread Wonderland" was on display for all to admire. President Stephanie constructed the gingerbread houses and together with club member Pauline Sheehy-Smith added the other decorations to make up a lovely village scene. President Stephanie also made the gingerbread men and women which formed part of the table decorations.

After the event, the gingerbread village was donated to the Canaan Trust, a local charity providing help to homeless men in Long Eaton and the local area.

Gingerbread "Winter Wonderland" on display at the Snow Ball.

Inner Wheel daughters Laura and Ellie busy
decorating gingerbread men and women.

When Presidents Stephanie and Adrian had greeted us all and we sat down to a lovely festive meal. This was followed by dancing to live entertainment which was provided by Jay Ashton singing Elvis and many other great hits. A change of gear by President Adrian led to a few "strictly" moments:

Presidents Adrian and Stephanie get into the swing of the Snow Ball . . .

President Adrian and Vice-President Andrea show us some impressive moves . . .

Keep Dancing!!

Needless to say, a good time was had by all. Thanks to both Rotary and Inner Wheel for organising another fun evening.

Christmas Party

Tuesday 12th December 2017

This year's Christmas party was held on Tuesday 12th December at Erewash Valley Golf Club. We were greeted with a drink provided by Ann Gregory in celebration of her and John's 40th wedding anniversary the previous day – congratulations and thank you both for the kind gesture.

Our meal was superb as usual and we all enjoyed a lovely evening of fellowship and fun. We had great entertainment which included a Christmas quiz, Pass the Parcel and "Secret Santa" gifts.

Pass-the-parcel winners sporting their prizes

Christmas is a time for giving and many members had brought several gifts for the Salvation Army Christmas Present Appeal for local children.

John Cook helps club member Pauline Sheehy-Smith with the sacks of
Christmas presents donated to the Salvation Army Christmas Present Appeal

Merry Christmas and thanks go to the Committee for organising yet another superb event.

The Salvation Army Christmas Present Appeal

28th November 2017

Major Anthony Colclough of the Salvation Army joined our November meeting. He talked to us about the Salvation Army and how their help is needed at all times of the year, but especially at Christmas. The Salvation Army raises funds in many ways, for example at Christmas their brass band plays in Derby Cathedral and in Derby City Centre. They work with other organisations to provide Christmas lunch on 25th December to the homeless and those who would otherwise spend the day on their own. They also run a food bank.

Of particular interest to our Inner Wheel Club is the Salvation Army Christmas Present Appeal which we have supported for several years now. It was interesting to hear how the gifts are processed. All donated presents need to comply with British Standards and should also be new – unfortunately some items are unsuitable, such as partly used colouring books for example. The Salvation Army team check all presents and sort them according to age group. They work together with social workers to identify suitable recipients. The general public and various organisations are very generous at this time of year and this enabled the Salvation Army to give gifts to 317 children last Christmas, each child receiving 3 or 4 gifts each.

President Stephanie hands over 2 large sacks of gifts to
Major Anthony Colclough for the Salvation Army Christmas Present Appeal

Club member Pauline Sheehy-Smith started the tradition of our Club donating Christmas presents to the annual Salvation Army Appeal and she told us how these gifts can literally change a child's life.

Pauline has written a poem relating to our support for the Appeal, which she plans to submit as our Club entry for the poetry competition based on the International Inner Wheel theme "Leave a Lasting Legacy".

Leave a Lasting Legacy…
…For others to follow…

It isn't the huge projects that let them know we care,
It's the little numerous things we do, that show our love and flair,
To help, support and give our time is often quite sufficient,
Given our members many skills, we really are quite proficient.
There are causes where our actions make a difference all around,
We're told so often that it's the thought that makes our unsung work so sound.
From helping those in circumstances less fortunate than ourselves
To spending nights with Santa's float as busy little elves.
There is however one yearly cause that we really take to our heart,
It's one we can support and feel proud to take an active part.
From teddies and games and books and trains to crayons in many packs,
We buy lots of Christmas gifts, wrapped, tagged and put in sacks.
Disadvantaged children's charities are often our Presidents choice,
But our Christmas thoughts especially go to these children who have no voice,
To give them toys brings such joy for treats they don't normally see,
And they never forget the gift was bought with love – this is the vital key…
Their Teddy becomes their best friend, a confidant they never had before
The trainset a real luxury they can play with more and more,
The books and crayons become their teachers, their thirst for learning acknowledged at last,
And that bright red racing car takes real skill to make it go that fast.
We know these presents last a life time when given in this way,
And when the children have grown up they're very quick to say,
The kindness, thought and loving act meant they knew they weren't alone,
And helped them cope through times when in…where-ever they called home.
You see, the fact that someone cared consistently through their young lives,
As they encountered the twists and turns and life took numerous dives
Our carefully wrapped parcels conveyed a hidden message with proficiency,
Because no matter how hard life becomes everyone can leave a lasting legacy.

Other highlights of the meeting:

Ann Gregory receives a gift from President Stephanie
to celebrate her 40th wedding anniversary in December

Careful – it's a plant!
President Stephanie presents a gift to Immediate Past President
Cathy Griffin for her "special birthday" in January next year

Frightfully Good Fun

28th October 2017

It was devilishly dark as we arrived for the Halloween Party organised jointly by the Inner Wheel and Rotary clubs of Church Wilne. We all enjoyed a hair-raising evening with dead-good food. A selection of frightful photos tells the story of the petrifying party . . .

Undertaker Adrian welcomes us to the eerie event.

Broomsticks at the ready for a terrifying time

The body shop party is next week . . .

Fancy a quick bite?

It's a spooky quiz . . .

Enchanting eyelashes

Stevie the skull makes a new friend.

Fangs for a phantastic party!

The evening was a screaming success. Thank you to everyone who put in so much effort to make it happen.

Action for Children

24th October 2017

At our October meeting we welcomed Kerry Wilson from Action for Children. Action for Children is the charity which President Stephanie has chosen to sponsor this year.

Kerry told us that the charity was originally set up in 1869 by a Methodist Minister – it was formerly known as "National Children's Homes". Last year Action for Children helped 356,000 children, young people and their families and remains the largest voluntary provider of Sure Start Children's Centres. They continue to lead the way in developing innovative services, including the following services in Derbyshire:

• "Space for you" aimed at young people whose parents suffer from substance abuse
• "Talk time" to help young people with various issues including self-harm, bullying etc
• "Separated parents service" to help young people whose parents are separated or going through divorce.

Kerry told us that the funds which we raise during President Stephanie's year will go towards helping children in Derbyshire.

Kerry Wilson from Action for Children receives a cheque for the charity from President Stephanie

Bring a Friend Night

26th September 2017

It was our first meeting after the summer break and we welcomed District Chairman Vera Dilks and her husband David, Jean - the guest of Pauline Sheehy-Smith, Janet - the guest of Jane Page and Linda - the guest of Diane Dundas.

District Chairman Vera told us about herself: her career as a teacher; how she met her husband in his cycling gear(!); about her family and how she came to join Inner Wheel and her progression to her current role. A keen dress-maker, Vera told us what an honour it was when her then future daughter-in-law asked her to make her wedding dress.

Vera gave our Club President Stephanie some thyme and suggested that Stephanie bring a recipe using thyme to share at our next meeting. Stephanie presented Vera with a cheque for the Young Carers charities which she is supporting this year.

Vera kindly stood in for Immediate Past President Cathy Griffin and presented the club chain of office to Stephanie.

District Chairman Vera hands over the chain of office to
President Stephanie on behalf of Immediate Past President Cathy Griffin

President Stephanie sporting her new hardware with District Chairman Vera

Freda Smith receives a gift from President Stephanie to celebrate a "big" birthday

President Stephanie presents a bottle of bubbly to Ann Gregory
to thank her for all of her hard work with the refreshment tent
at Rotary Horse Rides over the past few years

Burgers and Brunch at the Rotary Charity Horse Ride

10th September 2017

175 Riders participated in the Annual Rotary Charity Horse Ride event. As in previous years, this event was supported by the ladies of Church Wilne Inner Wheel Club. We run the catering tent, providing burgers, hot and cold drinks, home-made cakes and other refreshments for the hungry horse riders after they have finished the course. Ann Gregory managed the tent, organising the food and managing the 4 teams of ladies who worked in shifts from 0700h to 1700h, serving up culinary delights with a cheery smile.

Ann Gregory (centre) with Inner Wheel Club members including President Stephanie Cook
on one of the earlier shifts of the day

The refreshment tent in action

Tally ho!

Four of the riders stop for a quick photo call

Thumbs up!

Our hard work raised £487. The monies raised all go towards President Stephanie's nominated charity, Action for Children.

Buddy - The Buddy Holly Story

Monday 4th to Saturday 9th September 2017

This show was performed at the Duchess Theatre in Long Eaton by Amici Productions - an amateur group made up of talented individuals, brought together by Church Wilne Rotary President Adrian Perkins, with the express purpose of raising funds for local and international causes.

Our Inner Wheel Club supported the charity fund raising by running a raffle at each of the 7 performances, specifically to raise funds for President Stephanie's nominated charity – Action for Children. We had some superb prizes, thanks to donations from local businesses and members. The raffle winners were both surprised and delighted as some of them declared that this was the first time they had ever won a raffle prize! Inner Wheel raised a fantastic £996 from the raffle proceeds.

The show itself was a true rock 'n roll success, with most of the audience dancing in aisles to the superb live music.

Buddy and the cast in full swing during the lively finale of the show

President Stephanie introduces herself

July 2017

President Stephanie took the opportunity at her first official meeting to tell us about herself. She had given a similar talk to the Rotary Club a few days previously.

Born in Blackburn, she met her husband John when she was 16. They have one daughter, Laura, who is going to University in September. Stephanie worked at BHS, then in the IT industry, and currently works for Rolls-Royce in Derby. She told us of her visit to number 10 Downing Street for a charity reception and how she bumped into Gordon Brown on a train.

She also told us of a life-changing event which altered her outlook on life and how she helped others at the time and the kindness which others showed to her. As a consequence she now feels more protective of her family, her daughter and other children in dangerous situations – this is why Action for Children is her chosen charity this year.

Stephanie joined Inner Wheel some years ago and feels privileged to be our President this year. She left us with this thought: "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away".

President Stephanie and Rotary President Adrian Perkins when Stephanie introduced herself to the Rotary Club of Church Wilne

President Stephanie leads her first Inner Wheel Meeting as President

It was also a busy time for the club to celebrate a wedding, big "0" birthdays and a 50th wedding anniversary.

President Stephanie presents Paula Jones with a gift to mark her
forthcoming marriage to Tony Beenham on 13 August.

President Stephanie presents Penny Newbold
with a rose plant to mark her 50th Wedding Anniversary.

President Stephanie wishes Jane Page a happy birthday for her milestone birthday.

President Stephanie wishes Monica Welbourne
a happy birthday for her milestone birthday.

Meet the Presidents

Sunday 23rd July 2017 at Risley Village Hall

This event is held each year. It is the first opportunity for the new Inner Wheel and Rotary Presidents for the Church Wilne Clubs to greet their members in their official capacities for the coming year.

Stephanie Cook (Inner Wheel President) and Adrian Perkins (Rotary Club President) welcomed 90 members and guests to the event which was held at Risley Village Hall on Sunday 23rd July. A wonderful buffet was provided and this year's entertainment was provided by The Valli's. Everyone had a great time and the Valli's were called on to provide an encore

Stephanie and Adrian with the Valli's

Has Adrian's hair changed?

Yummy desserts provided by the Inner Wheel ladies

Other Events 2016-2017

In front of the lens for once!

June 2017

A rare appearance of Margaret Stevenson, who is usually behind the camera lens rather than in front of it! Margaret has maintained our club archive over the last 20 years, compiling photo albums to help preserve our history.

She has now handed over the reins to another club member. President Cathy presented Margaret with a token of thanks for her great work in recording many club events over the years.

Smile please! Margaret receives her gift from President Cathy

And they're off!

Saturday 25th March 2017

Our Race Night was held on 25 March 2017 to help raise funds for President Cathy's chosen charity - Genesis Research Trust.

There were 8 exciting horse races and tension rose as the punters avidly watched each race to see if their horse would be a winner. The sponsor of each race named the race and also had the pleasure of presenting a prize and rosette to the winning jockey of their race.

During the evening a supper of steak pie and chips was enjoyed by those attending and Rotary ran a licensed bar. There was much hilarity ably assisted by "jockey" Adrian. A great evening enjoyed by all.

"Jockey" Adrian eyes up the prizes.

President Cathy with "Jockey" Adrian

Race HQ!

For more information on Inner Wheel, our monthly meetings and the main activities organised by our club please contact Inner Wheel member and Club Correspondent Jane Page at: