How Inner Wheel Started

Inner Wheel was founded in Manchester, England in 1924 by Margarette Golding, wife of a Rotarian a nurse and a business woman. The main purpose of Inner Wheel was to compliment the work of Rotary.
By 1934 there were 79 clubs, which were grouped into districts and which formed the Association of inner Wheel Clubs in Great Britain and Ireland. There are now approximately 20,000 members in 770 clubs in Great Britain and Ireland.
By 1967 Inner Wheel had spread into many parts of the world and International Inner Wheel was formed, which is governed by a Board comprising of representatives from many countries. The membership of International Inner Wheel is approximately 100,000 members in 3895 clubs in 168 districts in 103 countries.
Each year in the 10th January, members through out the world celebrate World Inner Wheel Day, the anniversary of the first Inner Wheel meeting held in Manchester.
We are an organisation of women enjoying working together to make a difference to improve lives!
Membership is available, provided they are over the age of 18 years to:
• Women related to Rotarians/former Rotarians
• Women related to Inner Wheel members/former Inner Wheel Members
• Women who have been invited to join - provided the majority of the club members agree
Objectives of Inner Wheel
To Promote True Friendship
Clubs meet regularly and have a full varied programme through which friendships are built and maintained. Visiting other clubs and joining in their activities broadens the opportunity to make new friends
To Encourage the Ideals of Personal Service
Inner Wheel clubs have an outstanding record of service to the community. Initially members provided goods, quite often homemade, to the poor of their communities. The ethos spread rapidly through the country and then abroad.
To Foster International Understanding
International Inner Wheel was formed in 1967 and the clubs have since spread to 103 countries with a 100000 members worldwide, almost 19000 of these in Great Britain and Ireland.
Reasons to Join Inner Wheel
We promote true friendship - We enjoy the fellowship and friendships within our clubs and beyond. The association annual conference provides and opportunity for members to hear interesting speakers and renew friendships made with members from other districts.
We encourage the ideals of personal service - Inner Wheel is a multicultural worldwide organisation where members have the opportunity of working together to give practical help in their communities and bring hope to those in need.
We foster international understanding - International Inner Wheel holds a triennial convention, each time in a different country, to which every member has the opportunity to attend thus encouraging a much wider circle of friendships.
Being a member of Inner Wheel gives you the opportunity to meet like minded women from diverse back grounds to work in harmony for the good of others whilst, at the same time, enjoying an abundance of friendship, fellowship and fun.
How an Inner Wheel Club Operates
Each club elects a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Overseas Service Organiser, Correspondent and a small committee. Clubs meet monthly and decide on a programme of events for the year, choice of speakers and social and service activities. Although fundraising is not a main aim of Inner Wheel, most clubs like to support national an international registered charities. Each member pays an annual subscription to the club, sufficient to cover fees due to District, Association, International Inner Wheel and a reasonable amount to meet running costs of the club. Official badges are on the right at Inner Wheel functions. At other times members may wear a bar brooch bearing the Inner Wheel emblem.
There is a tradition of inter-club socialising within the district, whether it be for the celebration of a Charter Anniversary, an Overseas Inter-Club meeting or a Friendship Evening.
Members are encouraged to attend District Committee Meetings, organised by the District Chairman and the District Committee, at which they are kept up to date with the organisation of the district and learn of forthcoming events within the district.
A District Rally is held annually, under the direction of the District Chairman. This is a social event, to which all members are invited to attend. It provides an opportunity for fellowship and is when the Association President is invited to attend, address and meet members of the district.
Similarly, an Overseas Service Rally is also held annually, under the direction of the District Overseas Service Committee Chairman.