Inner Wheel Archives

Starting with 25th Anniversary Celebration Photos

As a 25th celebration here is a piece Derek Orchard wrote for the Rotary Archives;

"......... The second item was much more pleasurable. On 23 June 1987 the Inner Wheel Club of Church Wilne held its Charter Presentation Dinner. I was very pleased indeed to propose the Toast to the new Club and to present the Founder President Josie Graham with the new Chain of Office."

Above: Members of Inner Wheel at the Inaugural Charter. Janet Richmond, Carole Astell, Sylvia Wood, Edna Flattley, Pam Halford, Monica Welbourne, Josie Graham, Lesley Hall, Paula Hammond, Ruth Barker, Margaret Orchard, Judith Plant, Marion Baxendale-Baines, Jean Jones, Gerry Austin, Susan Woods, Rosemary Watson, Jean Acton, Ann Barker, Pat Adcock.



Below: 1991/92 President Susan Woods, Monica, Rosemary, Peggy and ? making squares at Risley Lane, Breaston.

Below: Handing over office to President Susan Stalker in 1992


Below: President Shirley Martin 1993/94 at her Summer get together at their home in Risley.


Below: VE Day celebration Breaston Church Hall. May 1995


Jumble Sale-date unknown

Year 2003

Above: Royal Oak BBQ and Below: "Last Night of The Proms" 2003

Charter Celebrations 2004


Archives Notes of Interest


Club Officers at our First Year 1987/1988

President: Josie Graham

Vice President: Pat Adcock

Secretary: Janet Richmond

Treasurer: Susan Woods

Correspondent: Gerry Austin

Overseas Service Organiser: Monica Welbourne

Social Secretary: Susan Stalker

Other Inaugural Members

Jean Acton

Carole Astell

Ann Barker

Ruth Barker

Marion Baxendale-Baines

Edna Flattley

Pam Halford

Lesley Hall

Paula Hammond

Jean Jones

Margaret Orchard

Judith Plant

Rosemary Watson

Sylvia Wood


1987/88 Josie Graham

1988/89 Pat Adcock

1989 Gerry Austin

1990/91 Janet Richmond

1991/92 Susan Woods

1992/93 Susan Stalker

1993/94 Shirley Martin

1994/95 Judith Plant

1995/96 Monica Welbourne

1996/97 Paula Hammond

1997/98 Pam Halford

1998/99 Rosemary Watson

1999/2000 Josie Graham

2000/01 Claire Chaplin

2001/02 Carol McTernan

2002/03 Kathleen Gillen

2003/04 Susan Stalker

2004/05 Beverley Beecham

2005/06 Shirley Martin

2006/07 Jan Woodhead

2007/08 Margaret Key

2008/09 Jane Markwell

2009/10 Margaret Norman

2010/11 Pauline Sheehy-Smith

2011/12 Monica Welbourne

2012/13 Monica Welbourne

2013/14 Ann Gregory

2014/15 Angela Beal

2015/16 Diane Addy

2016/17 Cathy Griffin

2017/18 Stephanie Cook