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Events and meeting reports 2015-2016

Happy Birthday Church Wilne Inner Wheel

Charter 19th June 2016

Fifty nine people came together, including twenty members of Church Wilne Inner Wheel, to celebrate the 29th birthday of Church Wilne Inner Wheel.

The first meeting took place on 23rd June 1987 the founder president being Josie Graham, who is still an active member of the Club. Other founder members, many of whom were at the lunch, are Pam Halford, Paula Hammond, Susan Stalker, Rosemary Watson, Monica Welbourne and Susan Woods.

The Charter has an element of traditional celebration with the lighting of candles for the present, the past and the future. A candle also burns to mark the International Work of Inner Wheel.

It tasted as good as it looked.

The Charter is always a special occasion in the President's year. Not only does it mark the birthday of the Club but is also the last event of the year for the incumbent president, before passing the chain of office to the president elect after the June AGM. This year President Diane Addy with the assistance of her Social Secretaries arranged a Sunday Lunch at Cleve Lodge Long Eaton. Those attending included District Chairman Di Sardesai; President of the Rotary Club of Church Wilne, Tony Beenham and President of our sister club, Inner Wheel Club of Long Eaton, Margaret McMorran.

President Diane reminded us of the highlights of her year, and there were many but the two that come to mind were the talent displayed in the glass making morning and the noise levels from the Beetle Drive with the Long Eaton Club

We have also had some sad events and we remembered Bob Martin, the late husband of member Shirley Martin and Rita Dillon, member and late wife of Rotarian Frank Dillon. We were pleased that both Shirley and Frank attended the charter.

Although there are certain formalities to the Charter, it still reflects the objectives of Inner Wheel:

To promote true friendship
To encourage the ideals of personal service
To foster international understanding

And, to do all this with

Fun and friendship

The lull before the storm

The tablecloth of members

Angela Beal representing the past

Diane Addy representing the present

Cheryl Chapman, a new member representing the future

Joyce Stokes, after a struggle, lighting the International candle

Diane Addy and Di Sardesai cutting the cake

President Diane Addy with Church Wilne Rotary President Tony Beenham

The guests, suitably replete, waiting for formal procedings to begin

The guests, suitably replete, waiting for formal procedings to begin

A kiss for Monica from Adrian for tolerating him through the meal

A floral thank you for Di Sardesai

April 2016 meeting

Beetle Drive

We were delighted to be joined at our meeting by President Margaret McMorran and 15 Inner Wheel members from the Inner Wheel Club of Long Eaton.

After dinner and a brief business meeting, we were divided into teams of 6 to test our drawing skills in a "beetle drive". With much rattling of dice; moving of highest scores and lowest scores (it is surprising how many people do not know their clockwise from anti-clockwise) and increasing decibels of noise, after five rounds a winner emerged being one of the women from Long Eaton.

It truly was an evening of "fun and friendship"

President Diane Addy with the winning Long Eaton Inner Wheel member.

A Murderous Meeting

Who killed the butler in the drawing room with the sword?

President Diane Addy with Inner Wheel members Stephanie Cook, Julie Huggett and Angela Beal.

It's the late 1920's and a time of prosperity for the social elite and in the leafy depths of the countryside at Merkister Hall, Brigadier and Lotta Balderdash regularly held dinner parties for other rich and famous people in their stately home.

Inner Wheel members and guests joined the five other guests of Brigadier and Mrs Balderdash invited to dine at Merkister Hall.

The evening did not get off to a good start when we found that Cook had left in a state of distress and the butler had been murdered! Were these two events connected? All would be revealed during the course of the evening. We were surprised to find that we were expected, together with the Inspector, to solve the mystery of who killed the butler. We discovered that each of the dinner guests had a reason to kill the butler.

By careful questioning and analysis of the facts, the Inspector came to a conclusion. Did any of us agree with him? The five tables all gave their verdicts. The winning table that deduced correctly who did it was that of our President and her guests.

The roles were played by actors from "Company of Friends" who gave their time to present the murder mystery with 100% of their fee going to their nominated charities. In addition to lots of fun and enjoyment £254 was raised for the President's charities Diabetes UK and the Air Ambulance.

And who did it? Now, that would be telling...

Joyce Stokes

Inner Wheel member honoured by Rotary

Joyce Stokes has been honoured by the Rotary Club of Church Wilne with the award of a Paul Harris Fellowship.

Joyce Stokes PHF

This prestigious award, established in memory of the Rotary International Founder Paul Harris, is given by Rotary Clubs to Rotarians and others in recognition of outstanding service to the community and their Club. Tony Beenham, President of Church Wilne Rotary Club made the presentation on behalf of the 51 members for the first time to a person who is not a Rotarian. He explained:-

"All of us seek to uphold the objects of Rotary, which can be summarised by the phrase "Service above Self". None of us seek or expect any individual public recognition: but the members of our Club have given this Award over the years as an acknowledgement and as a public thank you for outstanding service: one member has used the phrase "going the extra mile".

"This Award is being given by me, on behalf of all our 51 members, for the first time to a person who is not a Rotarian."

"She has given 9 years of outstanding service to our Club and the community relating to the Christmas float. She has also gone very much further than the extra mile."

"She has attended the Float on most nights during this time acting as collector ( in all weathers ), distributing and washing the tabards, and jointly with husband Brian, having principal responsibility relating to the cash collection, including control of the collecting tins. The massive input by both of them into our annual Christmas Float was recognised last year by an Award to her husband Brian."

"And so it gives me great pleasure once again, on behalf of all our members, to publicly recognise the role played by this outstanding supporter of our Club activities - Joyce Stokes"

March 2016 meeting

Our very own "Silent Witness"

President Diane Addy was delighted to welcome to our March meeting Dr Roger Summers District Governor for Rotary International District 1220 and his wife Pauline. With a presentation entitled "Elementary my dear Watson", we knew that we were in for a funny, informative and at times thought provoking evening.

Dr Roger Summers with club President Diane Addy

Roger was a former Director of Forensic Services in the Police Service with responsibility for the Force Forensic Investigation, Fingerprint and Forensic Photography Departments, Chemical Development Laboratories, Forensic Submission Facility, Technical Support Unit and Forensic Medical Examination. With over thirty-eight years of experience he is constant demand and has been involved in many high profile cases leading to successful detection with the offenders being convicted.

Whilst not really like "Silent Witness" as he didn't seem to be able to wrap everything up in 2 hours, his talk was a fascinating insight into how Forensic science and Forensic pathology is" science in pursuit of justice". Every contact leaves a trace with DNA being a significant development for the gathering of "silent evidence". Examination of the smallest drop of blood can reveal the sex of the individual, eye colour, hair colour, whether short or tall, fat or thin and many other features. But beware the perils of Contamination.

He explained the first conviction from an "ear" print in 1968. That finger prints are unique to individuals. Even identical twins have different finger prints. How Forensic Odontological evidence is now widely accepted. As he explained "the tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth."

His skills have been used extensively to help identify victims of disaster. From many incidents he mentioned identifying people following the Kegworth Air Disaster on 8 January 1989. Working for the Identification Commission following the Tide of Grief Tsunami on the 26 December 2004 and the incident where a Boeing 777-200ER Malaysia Airliner was shot down over Ukraine airspace. Using skills from forensic dentistry finger prints and DNA he has been able to bring closure for many families.

He gave a fascinating insight into the world of Forensic Science.

This was also the meeting for the annual Water Aid table top sale. Organised by Joyce Stokes our International representative, an Aladdin's cave of items appeared. By the end of the evening a total of £140 had been raised, which will go a long way to produce clean water Internationally.

An Aladdin's Cave of articles for the table top sale.

Like bees around a honey pot!

February 2016 meeting

Gong Hey Fat Choy OR A Happy Chinese New Year

We began the meeting with a minute's silence for us each to remember our dear friend Rita Dillon. Please see here for our remembrance of Rita.

Church Wilne Inner Wheel welcomed two new members and the Chinese Year of the Monkey at our February meeting.

from left to right Julie Barber, Cheryl Chapman and President Diane Addy

We are delighted to welcome to our club Julie Barber and Cheryl Chapman. They first attended the September meeting introduced as friends of Paula Jones and Ann Gregory. It is lovely to extend the hand of friendship to them and to encourage them to fulfil the objectives of Inner Wheel to promote true friendship, to encourage personal service and to foster International understanding.

A serious thing being inducted.

All smiles in the end though.

The meeting continued with a delicious Chinese buffet where the resident chef at the Royal Oak prepared dishes to cater for all tastes and food intolerances.

Who forgot to fold the raffle tickets?.

After a brief business meeting President Diane Addy regaled us with tales from the time she spent working in Hong Kong. The time of the Chinese New Year is one of the few occasions that Chinese people get to visit their families who are often live many miles away. This means that life is frantic in the lead up to the holiday period for those in business trying to squeeze as much as possible into the weeks leading up to the holiday.

As good as Santa's sack, giving out the pressies.

Diane also brought to show us a beautiful gown that she had worn in Hong Kong for New Year celebrations. She would have liked to have worn it today but sadly it has shrunk over the years!

The shrinking dress.

She made us all smile with details of the characters of those born under the various animal signs and how those applied to the members of our club.

We discovered that we have:
3 pigs; 2 dragons (which include our President); 2 monkeys; 6 rabbits, 1 dog; 4 snakes; 6 sheep or goats; 3 rats, 0 roosters; 3 tigers and 2 horses

It turns out that I am a rabbit. Not sure that this does reflect my personality.

Finally, she gave each member present a traditional New Year "red envelope" containing a present of chocolate coins.

The Happy New Year present.

Swim and Chilli evening in January 2016

It may have been a miserable and cold January evening but as ever the hospitality was wonderful and the pool lovely and warm.

5 Inner wheel members took to the water watched on by three others and were later joined by the younger contingent, three daughters.

Can you name the intrepid swimmers?

Three non-swimmers enjoying a good chat.

The beach ball volley ball was interesting. The best returns were made by the Lions!!

Beach ball volley ball.

In addition to fun and friendship the evening made a further £100 for President Diane's charities.

A big thank you to Stephanie Cook.

Delicious gluten free cheesecake made especially by Stephanie and Laura and much appreciated.

January 2016 meeting

Church Wilne Inner Wheel is one cog in a much larger organisation which has connections throughout the world. The theme from the International Inner Wheel President 2015 -16 Charlotte De Vos is Unique and United.

Great Britain and Ireland Inner Wheel is comprised of 29 Districts. Church Wilne is part of District 22 and we were delighted to welcome to our meeting the District Chairman Mrs Di Sardesai.

Church Wilne Secretary Stephanie Cook (deputising for President Diane Addy) with District Chairman Di Sardesai

Her year as District Chairman began on 13th July 2015 when she was inducted for her year in office. It is a very busy time for her and looking at her diary her year of office will pass in something of a whirlwind of activity including many visits to the Clubs which make up District 22.

As she recently wrote "I am now enjoying meeting you all in your club meetings, they are delightful, each one UNIQUE but all UNITED in Service, Friendship and Love."

In an interesting address to the Club Di explained that her association with Inner Wheel began in 1982 when she joined Heanor Inner Wheel, of which she is still a member. She was the first Overseas organiser for that club and has since those early days gone on to be President twice - 1993 and 2005. In 2012 she was elected to be the chairman of the District 22 Overseas Committee and has now been persuaded to hold the chain of office of District Chairman.

Her professional background is in nursing. She had a career spanning 1962 to 2002 with some time out to raise her own family and to offer a home to foster children before returning to the world of nursing.

In her presidential year Di's charity is NSPCC Childline Schools Service and the members of Church Wilne were pleased to present her with a cheque for £50 as a donation to her chosen charity.

District Chairman Di Sardesai receivess the cheque from Church Wilne Secretary Stephanie Cook

We were also delighted that Di was accompanied by June Gaunt MBE. June is a mainstay of the work of the International Committee of District 22. You may recall the numerous bags that were to be delivered for distribution overseas. (See the article "International"). It is June who receives all those bags and arranges for them be distributed abroad. She is tireless in the work she does for Inner Wheel bringing with her to the meeting "dogs" and "owls" made from small white towels which were being sold to raise funds to cover the cost of transporting the donated clothing and other items.

I was fortunate to sit next to June during the meal and it was fascinating to listen to her talking, in general terms, about her years as a foster carer to more than 500 children. Some stayed with her for a few weeks and others for several years. It was for services to fostering that she was awarded a MBE.

June Gaunt MBE with Di Sardesai

"Owl" with her friend "Dog"

International Work

One of the objectives for Inner Wheel is to foster International understanding. Part of this is to work on projects that are truly life changing.

This is really seen in the work that the group does through its International Representative working with Inner Wheel District 22.

Every month we have a raffle and collection of pennies that pays the donation to Action Aid for Aye Aye a girl in a village in Myanmar.

In 2015 the members donated money to purchase 4 "School in a bag" rucksacks which we will be sent to children in disaster affected areas. We hope to follow these in the coming months.

Thorough out the year members knit various things which include blanket squares and Christmas gifts. Regular "knit and natter" evenings are held where those of us not so well versed in the use of knitting needles can learn as well as have a good old chin wag. Moneys from their efforts is used for international projects.

We collect donated children's clothing, men's shirts and items which are delivered to the Distribution Centre for overseas aid. See the photographs below.

An evening is scheduled in March when we will fill Joy bags (for ladies), Roy bags (for gentlemen) and toy bags. A typical Joy bag may contain a comb, scarf, sanitary towels, toothbrush and toothpaste, sewing kit etc. The Roy bag - face cloth, toothpaste, toothbrush, socks, pants, disposable razors etc. and the toy bags puzzles, pens, toothbrush and toothpaste, ribbons/slides/hair band, small toy, comb etc. Items are donated throughout the year by the members and then made up for distribution overseas.

One of the main events of the year is the Inner Wheel Day coffee morning held in January. This year the event raised £312.05 which together with moneys raised from knitted Christmas stockings and puddings will go to the Gambia School Appeal.

We will also be holding a table top sale at one of our meetings to raise funds for Water Aid.

Our international work is a very important aspect of being a member of Church Wilne Inner Wheel.

Will these bags all go into that boot?

Just about.

Joyce Stokes our International Committee representative and member Margaret Key

Some of the superb Christmas Stockings and puddings knitted by Monica Welbourne

Inner Wheel Day coffee morning with Joyce, President Diane Addy and Monica on the sofa

Fun and friendship at the Christmas Meal

President Diane with Secretary Stephanie and the parcels for the Salvation Army toy appeal.

Greetings from Diane

Waiting expectantly, with Secret Santas in hand, for the "Wright" family story

They wouldn't stop talking for the Club Correspondent

Better behaved for the lovely waitress and can you spot the extra person.

Meeting 24th November 2015

Ann Gregory showing one she made earlier

November was a business meeting without any guest speaker.

After quickly getting through the agenda the 33 members present set to on a craft evening making Christmas crackers.

Ably lead by Anne Gregory and, judging by the laughter coming from some of the tables, with much hilarity we each produced four special crackers ready for Christmas.

A good turn out for the meeting

Hard at work and following the instructions

Team work and plenty of advice going round

Got the hang of it. The crackers are coming along nicely

A selection of the finished crackers

Quiz Night - 14th November 2015

Some of the participants awaiting the quiz

Battle commenced on the evening of November 14th with 10 teams, having a total of 69 participants, made up of Inner Wheel members, their partners, spouses with family and friends. With questions covering a wide range of subjects the competition was fierce, however, President Diane and her fellow team members came through triumphant.

It was not, however, all competition and everyone enjoyed a Fish and Chip supper plus the friendship of their fellows. Additionally, a further £414 has been added to the money collected towards President Diane's chosen charities of Diabetes UK and the Air Ambulance.

A good attendance for the quiz night

President Diane hands out some prizes

Is that the wooden spoon being presented?

Meeting 27th October 2015

John Wilson with President Diane Addy

President Diane welcomed John Wilson volunteer Fund Raiser for the Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Rutland Air Ambulance based at East Midlands Airport.

John explained that it costs £3.5 million to buy a helicopter which would then need to be replaced every three years and that does not include the cost of equipment, pilots and highly trained paramedics and doctors. It is not feasible to buy the helicopters so these are leased. A typical mission including the lease cost of the helicopter and pilot's salary but not those of the paramedics and doctor is £1700. Nearly 1000 missions are completed per year between the DL & R and its sister organisation – Warwickshire and Northamptonshire. This is an operating cost of £1.7 million per year.

All of these costs are funded by charitable donations with no government money at all. Fund raising is critical. For more information on how to become involved, go to

On average, they attend 6 missions a day with 44% RTA, 18% medical emergencies, 17% sport (of which 50% are equestrian), 11% falls, 3% Industrial and 7% other incidents. Whether the air ambulance is scrambled depends on three criteria:
     • Can the helicopter access the accident?
     • Is time of the essence?
     • What attention does the patient need?

Effectively the air ambulance brings the hospital to the patient. He explained the importance of this when telling us about Jamie a young man who suffered horrific injuries who made a full recovery after spending four months in hospital. The outcome may have been very different without the air ambulance.

He rounded off a very interesting talk by telling us about the Children's Air Ambulance service, which specialises in urgent transfers of critically ill children between hospital facilities.

Diane was also pleased to welcome Ruth Bird from Swadlincote Inner Wheel as a guest to the meeting.

John Wilson, President Diane and Ruth Bird, Swadlincote IW President

For more information on Inner Wheel, our monthly meetings and the main activities organised by our club please contact Inner Wheel member and Club Correspondent Yvette Thomas at:

Glass coaster making coffee morning

After the obligatory "health and safety" demonstration by President Diane Addy, it was down to work.

Emma Owen and husband Gavin firstly told us about their connection with an orphanage in Bulgaria and played an interesting video telling us about the centre and the amazing transformation made to the lives of the children who live there. For more information about Krasif Aid go to

18 ladies beavered away making glass coasters or wall hangings under the careful instruction of Emma of Em-Art The designs were varied, as can be seen from the final product. There was much scratching of heads deciding what to do. Then followed gluing, painting with the odd scattering of coloured glass dust and cutting of fine pieces of cooper leaf. The finished articles all had to be carefully transported by Emma to her workshop where they were heated in the kiln.

The concentration did not stop the chatter and laughter, which was aided by a ready supply of tea and coffee plus delicious cake from the cake stall. Whilst not intended as a major fund raising event £34 was added to the President's charity fund for Diabetes UK and the Air Ambulance.

Some of the finished coasters.

More pictures from the meeting.

How many little girls in the back of the pink Cadillac?

President Diane Addy gets in the swing

This was an evening that in every way fulfilled the Inner Wheel objective of "giving service whilst enjoying friendship", although the main purpose of the evening was to have fun and they certainly did.

27 including members of Inner Wheel with their husbands, partners, friends and children meet for a fun viewing of "Grease". As can be seen from the photographs everyone got into the 50's mood of the film and there really was dancing in the aisles.

The evening just sped by with everyone having a great time. Additionally money from a raffle, the sale of Popcorn and soda pop raised £106 towards Diane's charities for her presidential year – Diabetes UK and the Air Ambulance.

The answer to the question – Nine

And here they are in the pink Cadillac.

Adrian Travolta with his Pink Ladies

More pictures from the evening.

Meeting 22nd September 2015

President Diane watching over pre-meeting proceedings.

President Diane welcomed our visitors for the "Bring a friend" evening. Eight guests joined 21 members to listen to a very interesting talk by Rachel Mann-Bradbury Regional Fundraiser East Midlands Diabetes UK.

Diane explained that she and some of her family have personal experience of living with diabetes

Rachel explained to us that there are two types of Diabetes –
     • Type 1 where the body does not produce insulin.
     • Type 2 which is life style related

BUT whichever type the outcome at the end is the same. The symptoms need to be treated seriously and can be controlled. If concerned the advice is to go see your GP.

She explained that 1 in 16 people are living with diabetes which amounts to 3.9 million people, 10% of whom are Type 1 and 90% Type 2. The cost is enormous some £10 billion to the NHS per annum. Of more concern are the numbers who are unaware that they do have the symptoms of diabetes.

The aim of Diabetes Uk is to raise awareness and to explode some myths. To effect this they:
     • Care. A care line is available with practical advice, vital support, expert information and advocacy services
     • Connect: Road shows "know your risk" pop up tents, supporting voluntary groups, facilitating online communities, supporting children to attend camps and days out to understand their diabetes.
     • Campaign: Alongside people with diabetes to influence decision makers and opinion formers on the issues important to people with diabetes.
     • Research: The UK's biggest funder of research into care, treatment and prevention for all types of diabetes. £7 million per annum is used for research but more is needed.

She thanked President Diane for choosing Diabetes UK as one of her adopted charities for her presidential year.

As Diane said - "Don't let diabetes run your life". With the correct medication for Type 1 and life style changes for Type 2 you can live life to the full.

More information can be found at or

President Diane Addy with Rachel Mann-Bradbury

More pictures from the evening. Thanks to Pauline Sheey-Smith for the wine in honour of her birthday and the celebrations the previous weekend of her daughter's wedding

A busy Urn day

President Diane (in blue stripped apron) with the happy band of helpers.

On a lovely autumn day, 13 September 2015, the Inner Wheel members manned the refreshment tent to provide sustenance to the horse riders, their supporters, families and friends as well as weary Rotarians for the Charity Rotary Horse ride in South Derbyshire.

Some 249 riders rode a course over farms and land around Dale Abbey not ordinarily open for riders. Afterwards the weary riders and others consumed the 360 rolls filled with burgers, sausages or bacon and drank numerous cups of tea, coffee and cold drinks prepared by the troop who manned the tent throughout the day. This could be followed up by some delicious ice cream.

All of the food and drink was donated by Inner Wheel members and local sponsors – Warburton's (rolls) and Bluebells (ice cream).

Inner Wheel members started preparation for the day at 7.00 a.m. and worked on until 4.00 p.m.

As a result of all this hard work £678 has gone to President Diana's annual appeal for Diabetes UK and Air Ambulance.

For more information on Inner Wheel, our monthly meetings and the main activities organised by our club please contact Inner Wheel member and Club Correspondent Yvette Thomas

Preparations underway before the riders return

A steady flow of people before the main rush.

Past President Angela Beal passing the chain of office to President Diane Addy

28 July, was the first meeting for President Diane Addy. After efficiently dealing with the Club business Diane gave a brief personal history.

She was born locally and educated at Chilwell Comprehensive. She chose not to go to university but to enter the world of work mainly in retail. She has had many challenging jobs including what she described as a "dream" position as a fashion buyer travelling extensively both in the UK and abroad. With a combined family, with husband Colin, of four daughters she decided to have a change of focus and, after a six month sabbatical joined the NHS as a practice director for two facilities in Erewash.

Diane is also unusual in that she is one of the new category of member not being married or related to a Rotarian. She outlined her programme for the year, which combines many social events with opportunities for friendship as well as supporting her two chosen charities of Diabetes UK and the Air Ambulance.



The members were saddened to learn of the death of founder member Margaret Orchard OBE. The club had its inaugural charter meeting on 23 June 1987. Margaret at that time Mayor of Erewash can be seen on the attached photograph standing next to Josie Graham the first club President. She was an active member of the Club for many years. Margaret served Breaston as a councillor for many years only stepping down at the last election. She was appointed OBE for services to politics.

Her funeral is to take place at St Chads Church, Church Wilne on Thursday 6th August 2015 at 11.15 a.m. followed by a cremation service for family only.



The Club was pleased to congratulate Cathy Griffin and her husband Phil on their Silver Wedding Anniversary and presented Cathy with the gift of a plant.



Other wedding anniversaries being celebrated in August and September are:
Stephanie and John Cook
Jenny and Andy Lord
Penny and David Newbold
President Diane and Colin Addy
Ann and Ken Austin
Josie and Roger Graham

Congratulations were extended to all.

Birthday congratulations were extended to the following members who have birthdays in August and September:
Margaret Abbott
Monica Welbourne
Margaret Stevenson
Pam Halford
Yvette Thomas
Andrea Tew
Susan Stalker

The next meeting is Tuesday 22 September 2015 when the speaker will be Carol Coles from Diabetes UK. This is also the "Bring a Friend" meeting.

Finally a quick quiz. How many of the founder members can you name? Answers on the Inner Wheel web page under the "Archives" tab.

Also of interest from the Archives with thanks to Margaret Stevenson

Menu from the first charter dinner

For more information on Inner Wheel, our monthly meetings and the main activities organised by our club please contact Inner Wheel member and Club Correspondent Yvette Thomas at:


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