Speaker Meeting 20th January

We welcomed our speakers Tracey Slater and Helen McLoughlin

In July 2012, Tracey started her business in Spondon "The Ironing Board"  which is a domestic and commercial ironing and laundry service. They managed very early on to get around 1,250 garments through the business each week and this has now increased to over 1,950.

They work with the latest ironing equipment from two stations from Monday to Friday and now on Saturday mornings. Their recent addition of a new silver van collects and returns many garments.

Helen said that they pride themselves on being a close family and go that extra mile for their customers. We heard a story about how each week they visit an old lady to collect bedding and other items which helps to create trust and a community spirit.

The business is always looking for recommendations, it currently has two hotels they pickup and return items the same day, a guest houses table cloths are turned round quickly, they now do gift vouchers and are currently promoting what is called a "Holiday Experience"  They take your cases on return from holiday, decide what needs washing and ironing and return them washed, ironed and on hangers or folded.

Following the presentation Tracey gave a demonstration on they correct way to iron a shirt. This was followed by President Greg and Mike Key demonstrating their skills at the ironing board. Mike was adjusted slightly the best at the board and received his reward from Greg.

Colin Orrick in thanking Tracey and Helen said the talk was very interesting and he liked the business concept. He congratulated them on their growth over the past 18 months and also for the extra mile they go for their customers.


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