Speaker Meeting 27th January

The members of the Rotary Club of Church Wilne were given a demonstration by one of their own members, Rotarian the Revd. Gary Dundas, at their meeting on Monday 27th January, when he brought to the meeting a side of pork and cut it into many cuts whilst describing it in detail. As well as being a Priest in the Church England Gary has two butchers shops locally from which he earns his living.

The first thing Gary did was to separate the front shoulder from the loin and belly, by cutting and sawing through. The loin is very nice for roasting whole or as pork chops or steaks. Then he removed the foot known as the "Trotter" which he sells a few of - but not as many as he did years ago.

Gary continued by talking about the preparation and duties within the abattoir and how much the system has changed over the years.

He continued by separating the hock from the shoulder. The shoulder is lovely for roasting and he demonstrated how it is prepared for sale within his shops. The leg is a prime piece of the pig and would feed of over 20 people! It is nice and lean, dryer to eat than the shoulder and is scored and rolled up or alternatively made into several smaller joints.

Gary also spoke about his sausage-making, ham ie cooked gammon and finished by demonstrating the art of sharpening the butchers many knives.

He has also seen over the past 18 months, at his Draycott and Breaston shops, a dramatic increase in business and the reduction in the average age of his customers as many young families have become customers recently.

The club's vote of thanks was given by Derek Sheehy-Smith who thanked Gary for his fascinating and amazing eye-opener to the skills of the local butcher which is a true art form.

20th January 2014


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