Speaker Meeting 17th February

Our President Greg gave a fascinating and informative talk on the Ockbrook School, the Moravian Church and the Settlement.

All three areas are interlinked and Greg's talk included many photographs taken around the areas earlier in the day. 

The School, which is 220 year old, and Greg included details of the everyday entrance to the school, the war memorial from the Boar war and the old school bell taken off a British battle ship.

The tour continued with details of the old Victorian 20 yard long swimming baths which has been converted at a cost of £150k into the drama school

The walk way to the church passes a 250 year old sun dial which is grade 2 listed and is just in front of the Church. Also Greg spoke about Bishops Walk to the burial ground which was consecrated on the 6th April 1752 and there are 3 grounds being the lower, middle and upper.

Greg spoke about the changes within the church over many years with views of and from the two balconies. Within the church there is a war memorial to Margaret Hasse and C A Brooke-Taylor

His talk continued with information and views of the dovecote, King George post box and various cottages, the old tavern and hotel along with the lecture hall which used to brew beer for the tavern.

Finally we were given a step back in time with history and information of the old post office which in fact was a general store and the lace makers shed where stockings for Queen Anne's wedding were made.

3rd February 2014


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