Meeting 31st March 2014

President Greg introduced our speaker Chris Hill, who is currently studying at the Repton School in year 11.  Chris also attends the Royal College of Music Saturday School and has attained his Diplomas and Licensure's  in Flute and Saxophone all at distinction level.

Chris introduced his talk by saying "The Flute is not just a load of hot air" and then spoke about and demonstrated with musical support the many types of Flutes played throughout the ages.

The Penny Flute, which has Celtic origins, is made of wood or metal and works on the same principle as the Recorder.

The Fife is primarily made of wood and is used in Military bands and has just one key.

Next came the Baroque Flute which is not used in ensembles. Chris said the Baroque saw the introduction of keys and the lever key.

Chris continued by talking about the Crown stopper, vintage Flutes and modern Flutes, many of which he demonstrated.

The Piccolo is the modern version of the Fife and has a very high sound and then the Low Flute, which are about as modern as you can get and allows for exploration into very low flute sounds.

Chris, who practices for 4 hours every day, finished his talk by playing several tunes including Moon River.

Our Club's vote of thanks was given by Colin Orrick who said it had been a pleasure for everyone to hear from Chris who spoke with passion and knowledge and has extraordinary musical ability. Colin then wished Chris well in the final of the Young Musician of the year.

17th March 2014


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