Santa comes early to Draycott Primary and Ashbrook Junior School

Such a fun day out at lunch time today. I visited our two Primary Schools on our patch that we support year on year with funding for projects that have educational value. I felt like Santa Claus when handing them their cheques that will enable each School to complete projects of educational value and need this School year and beyond.

First stop this afternoon was Draycott Primary School. What a lovely school and a new Head Teacher at the helm. They received a cheque for £400.00 to help them buy notice boards for inside School and various items to keep up their lovely gardens that the students and staff take care of.

Year 6 Students and Head Teacher. Student holding cheque.

As you can see there was smile all around and the young girls were very polite and represented Draycott Primary School very well. Thank you to everyone at Draycott Primary School for welcoming me!

The second stop for Santa's sleigh was Ashbrook Primary School where they received a cheque for £450.00 and that money will go towards buying moor books and reading aids for the Dora library.

Finance Manager of Ashbrook School accepting cheque.

Sadly, the Head Teacher was in interviews all day for new staff for next School year. But, I was very grateful that the Finance Manager of the School was able to accept the cheque on behalf of the School. We are standing in part of the Dora library and I am sure the shelves will be full of new books...

BIG Thanks to both Schools for the warm welcome I received and most of all a massive thanks to all Rotary Club of Church Wilne members who spent the whole Rotary year raising money for local needs. RCCW is the greatest RC in the world.

It was great being Santa in June! Thanks everyone!

Two more weeks.

19th May 2014


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