Handover Meeting 30th June 2014

President's Announcements:
Greg thanked all those who attended the In/Out meal last week.
He had just two more acts as our President which were a proposition from PP Roger to make a donation to Erewash VIP "Visually Impaired People" and following a full explanation by Roger and a few questions from the floor it was unanimously agreed to donated £200
The final act of our outgoing President was to make a presentation of an engraved Rotary tankard to retiring member Colin Orrick with best wishes from all the club. Colin had been a member for 26 years, a Past President and a Paul Harris Fellow.
Colin gave a wonderful reply and said he has so many happy memories and has always been a keen supporter of whatever we do. Friendships both old and new and the wonderful spirit within the Club will always be remembered. Colin said "Keep up the good work and you all remain very dear to him"

Then followed Greg's final talk when he said he wanted to delay the inevitable and give the longest speech as possible.
He spoke about in some detail the 43 events he had enjoyed and these added to our weekly and monthly Council meetings had been a pleasure throughout.
There had been many wonderful experiences and perhaps the most moving being the Club twinning visit to Hinnerup when he learned about his home town of Pittsburgh connection through Dr Jonas Salk who invented the Polio vaccination back in 1954 and the biggest ever trial of 1.8m in April 1955.
Thanks were expressed to John Astell and Colin Orrick for leading the Charter at late notice. Greg also thanked all his Committee Chairmen by name and many others.
Special thanks were given to Secretary Tony who is a most organised member as both Secretary and latterly the Club Administration Chairman.
IPDG Peter Moralee has just asked Greg to join the District Foundation team which he has accepted
In conclusion Greg said the Club had inspired him to give it a go with 3 business projects through the confidence he had gained over the past year.
Also during the year £16,000 had been raised with a healthy sum carried forward to Geoff's year and it had been a great honor to represent the club.

Induction for Rotary year 2014/15:
Greg presented the chain of office to incoming President Geoff, also the SVP chain to Tony and welcomed Secretary Mick. This was followed by Geoff presenting Greg with the IPP badge/jewel.

President's address:
Geoff said he was honoured to by our 30th President of a club full of vitality and one that has achieved great things and envied by many. Many may wonder what I and we can do to make our club better than ever and this year will be, hopefully, without exception a better and happy year.
He spoke about his time as a ships engineer and he has always used that experience as a way of directing things. He is only the Rotary Chief Engineer in charge of a well-run engine room, and he always ran a tight but happy ship. He only controls the throttle and you are the power that drives us along.
Geoff has an open door policy so please, he said, talk to me as that way lots of problems can be solved before they become toxic.
His aim this year is to help raise you the members own belief in Church Wilne as a cohesive unit in which every member is equally capable and able to contribute in some way, and to bring all on the journey with the same common themes and projects.
Our team has been chosen with the utmost care and Geoff has confidence in their ability to deliver a full programme for the coming Rotary year.
His chosen charities are the Air Ambulance and the Children's Air Ambulance, with continued support to the International Community, Rotary Foundation Polio eradication, Youth Services as well as our Community and OAP party.
This will all happen with your support and goodwill but this must not be at the expense of a quest for extra cash. No targets to raise more than we did last year as we are not to be money driven.
Thanks were expressed to Greg and Tony for keeping us all on the straight and narrow on behalf of all the members for the past year and hope we will continue to enjoy a great fellowship in my year.
Geoff said "I want to continue what you the Past Presidents and members have so successfully achieved in the past and continue to make a difference to our Local, National and International Community.

23rd June 2014


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