Speaker Meeting 1st September 2014

Speaker: Reg Pugh - Proposed High Speed 2 Railway

Having been an apprentice in 1960 along with President Geoff Smith at the Derby Locomotive works.

The members heard about his various work within the railways with the West Coast Line infrastructure, in 1985 at Birmingham with British Rail and then onto Rail Track.

He went onto to give the members' background to HS2 and the benefits and effects within our area. Japan has had their high speed trains since 1964 and they now travel between Tokyo and Osaka at 200 MPH. There are also high speed trains now in France, Spain and Italy with the highest speed recorded in France of 316 MPH

High Speed Two is the planned rail network connecting London with the West Midlands (Phase One) and running lines onto Manchester and Leeds (Phase Two)

The proposed East Midlands Hub at Toton could support a significant amount of additional development and an increase in employment.

The members were given some of the current estimated construction costs along with the rolling stock design and environmental issues.

Reg gave the members details of the HS2 journey times to and from London which includes a 51 minute journey for Toton, 68 minutes to Manchester and 83 minutes to Leeds.

The members asked many far reaching questions which Reg was able to give his valued views and thoughts.

Rotarian Ray Terry

The Club's vote of thanks was given by President Geoff Smith who thanked Reg for his excellent and informative talk.

18th August 2014


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