Speaker Meeting 22nd September 2014

The members of Church Wilne Rotary welcomed Mike Storr to its speaker evening on Monday 22nd September and were given an interesting and amusing talk on the "Masters of Mirth" linked to the Olde Tyme Music Hall

Mike took the members back to the early 1900s when a pint of beer was just 2p and 20 cigarettes were 3p & 3 farthings.

The Music Hall originated in the 1850s and early in the 1900s all sizable towns had several Music Halls in their pubs and taverns when many landlords saw the benefits to their drink sales as in house sing-a-longs developed.

The script writers and the performers could use the same format for up to 5 years but today with television it would be only used once.

Mike gave various monologues to the audience and these included Robb Wilton with "The day war broke out", George Robey, who was knighted for his services to comedy, and was referred to as the Prime Minister of Mirth and was also the purveyor of suggested naughtiness. Marriott Edgar was a prolific writer and wrote the "Battle of Hastings" which Mike recited in style. Then followed the "Bricklayers Lament" by Gerard Hoffnung which was so funny. Sir Bernard Miles was knighted in 1969 and was one of the old school. Finally the members heard much about Stanley Holloway OBE who first performed My Fair Lady in theatre in 1956 and again in the film in 1964.
Then the members were entertained with the "Lion and Albert" better known as "Albert and the Lion"

The Club's vote of thanks was given by John Gregory

8th September 2014


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