Speaker meeting 3rd November 2014

The members of the Rotary Club of Church Wilne welcomed District 1220 Governor Stephen Lawes to its meeting on Monday 3rd November in Ockbrook.

Stephen spoke about this year's Rotary International theme "Light Up Rotary" and linked it to what's right, what's wrong and inspire. He continued by covering what made him become a Rotarian following leaving the RAF and the many wonderful inspirational experiences Rotary has given him.

Following becoming the President of the Vale of Belvoir Club in 1999 he joined the District team which enhanced his knowledge, views and experiences further.

When covering the bigger picture he asked about what are we all doing to attract younger people, at times our poor image and the needs of the Community.

10 years ago there were 1.2m Rotarians and 34,000 Clubs world wide which is about the same as today. Just think what could be achieved if there were 2m Rotarians and 50,000 clubs!

District 1220 clubs are being asked to keep all avenues open and change when the opportunity arrives, work with the Club Vision Team and embrace technology.

Stephen congratulated the Club on it's web site which continues to be informative and very up to date.

In summary the members were asked to please accept change, look to the future for growth, look to end Polio, support the Rotary Foundation and have a great year.

27th October 2014


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