Speaker meeting 19th January 2015

The members of the Rotary Club of Church Wilne welcomed Francesca Brown and Rosie Corner to their speaker meeting at the Royal Oak in Ockbrook on Monday 19th January when they gave the members a presentation about "Chellaston in Uganda"

The Chellaston Academy School conceived the idea in 2007 to visit Uganda to build an orphanage school and 24 youngsters made their first visit the following year. It was on this visit they soon realized this was just the beginning and over the following years they constructed two schools, two boys dormitories, a 10 foot wall, a medical room and it is hoped that their next visit will see the girls get their own building.

On their last visit they brought gifts for 38 former street children, completed building the medical room and a kitchen to feed upto 80 children. The trip lasted 4 weeks with the construction part taking 17 days. They also did a lot of teaching in the primary schools, visited a baby orphanage and the only handicap centre for the whole of Uganda. The 24 youngster also took with them 3 cases of which 2 were full of donations and they were delivered into the the slum area of Kampala.

Francesca and Rosie were able to show 3 short videos with their own personal observations and it was obvious they had built relationships as was apparent with the laughter, smiles and fun they all enjoyed. Towards the end of their time in Uganda they visited a Mosque, a Church, enjoyed African drumming and dancing, plus bungee jumping and white-water rafting.

The school raises £30,000 each year to help cover some of the expenses and each youngster also needs to raise £2,400. Each year between 40 & 90 lower 6th former students apply to make the trip but only 24 are allowed to go.

Derek Sheehy-Smith gave the Club's vote of thanks and said this was a great legacy and may it continue for a long time. Francesca and Rosie were also congratulated on their presentation skills and the high quality video.

Photograph: left to right Francesca Brown, President Geoff Smith and Rosie

Ray Terry
for the Rotary Club of Church Wilne.

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5th January 2015


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