Speaker meeting 2nd March 2015

The Rotary Club of Church Wilne welcomed David Corner to its speaker meeting on Monday 2nd March at the Royal Oak Ockbrook when David spoke about "A Volunteers Journey"

David's was a chemist by trade and had been a teacher for 35 years of which 22 were in Derby until early retirement in 2011. In the September before retiring he saw an opportunity to volunteer for the 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics.

In January 2011 the selection process took place and David received confirmation of his offer in October that year. February & March 2012 saw 60k volunteers given training and specific roles.

Interviews followed around the country and David attended Warwick University and in April he received his uniform along with distributions and accreditation passes.

In June the volunteers commenced their training at the Olympic Village and he reported for full duty on 9th July and his base was in the Olympic Village. They had 18 days before the games commenced and in this time the 6,000 volunteers within the village had many responsibilities.

David was part of the team called "Work Force Operations" which was the immediate phase after security and this involved further checks and various supplies to the athletes such as chocolates, water, and meal vouchers. This operation centre had been in preparation for over 5 years and with the next Olympics being held in Brazil many Brazilians worked alongside the team.

David was based throughout in London with a family friend and started duties each day at 6.30am and said volunteering is all about the people you work with and they were fantastic and will remain with him forever.

Village life for the athletes included a large pub called The Globe, which was alcohol free but with lots of games and activities.

After the Olympic Games there followed the equally successful and moving Paralympics. 

David was also chosen to attend Clarence House along with 120 people of which 70 were volunteers and they met Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall and shook hands with Prince Charles, before being one of the 1,000 Games Makers who were part of the Sports Personality Team of the Year presentation.

The Commonwealth Games in Glasgow gave David a further opportunity which he took and this time he was based at the family hotel in the Glasgow Hilton and his nearby accommodation was in the tented village which was booked through Camping Ninja at a cost of £180

David spoke about the legacy and said just Google East Village for more details.

Martin Dowey gave the Club's vote of thanks and thanked David for a comprehensive insight and just what was involved and he remembers just how well the organisers performed and said they were an inspiration at the Games.

For more information on Rotary and our speaker evenings, please contact Rotarian John Astell at: rccw1220@gmail.com

23rd February 2015


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