Speaker meeting 18th May 2015

The Rotary Club of Church Wilne welcomed Graham Legg, to its Speaker Evening, he gave a most informative and very touching talk about SADS UK (www.sadsuk.org), a charity set up to support families who have suffered the loss of a loved one through "Sudden Adult Death Syndrome". Their aim is to raise funds to support local communities and in particular install External Cardio-Defibrillators (ECD's) in public places to resuscitate people should they suffer a heart attack (they cost £500 each) and could save your life! ECD's dramatically increase your chance of survival should you suffer a heart attack.

Graham is personally involved in raising funds for the charity and making people aware of this silent kilter. In February 1999, Graham's 14 year old daughter died suddenly and unexpectedly at home. One month later his 10 year old daughter collapsed with an episode and the hospital doctors fought to save her life and succeeded. Following a series of screening tests Graham now knows why one daughter died and the other almost died. Long QT Syndrome is a silent kilter (often no symptoms present themselves) Graham's wife and two sons are clear but Graham is a carrier of this genetic condition. He has been lucky not to have any symptoms, enjoying a full and active life style but his condition is now managed (just in case) by taking daily medication. The NHS provide an excellent service to Grahams remaining daughter, controlling and monitoring her condition.

One of our Rotarians commented that they had purchased an ECD's and installed it within their company to protect employees should the worst happen and with this in mind supported Grahams aims to install ECD's in all public places.

Graham has raised thousands of pounds for the charity through cycling, including London to Paris, the Cotswold challenge. Coming up are the Greater Notts Bike Ride (100 miles), the Illfracombe to Plymouth (100 miles) and the Newhaven to Sunderland (153 miles) runs. If you would like to sponsor Graham please contact him by email: Legg.graham@gmail.com or Tel: 07970 809145

For more information on Rotary and our speaker evenings, please contact Rotarian John Astell at: rccw1220@gmail.com

Rotarian Dr John A Cook

27th April 2015


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