Speaker meeting 23rd November

President Tony Beenham with Rotarian Ray Terry after the 3 courses talk

On Monday 23rd November Church Wilne Rotarian Ray Terry gave a 3 course talk to his fellow members at the Royal Oak in Ockbrook.

This was nothing to do with golf courses or choosing food when eating out but the introduction was positive thinking, followed by Interact and then a Rotary trip to Denmark linked to positive thinking.

Positive thinking the members were told was something we can all possess but you have to believe in it first of all. Ray gave two examples the first going back to when trying to park in the centre of Nottingham when he finished up about a mile away from where he needed, but the next time he was positive and parked immediately outside the venue and from that day there has always been a close by parking spot. The other example related to many years ago on holiday when his daughters two rings were lost on the beach, one was found immediately, and after two days of searching for the other one, he looked out to sea and visualized it sticking out of the sand beside his right foot and yes it was there! Unfortunately this does not work in any form of gambling, as yet!

Interact is part of the Rotary family and is for youngsters aged 12 – 18. It develops leadership skills, is hands on service, can make international connections and most important they "Have Fun" The group completes two projects each year – one within the community and the other internationally.

The Interact Club of Long Eaton was formed in 1981 and was overseen by Rotarians Andrew Mitchell and Alan Morton. Ray, who was with the Long Eaton Rotary Club then was part of the team from 1984 for 10 years and was ably supported throughout that time by Gary Dundas.

Evening meetings were held twice a month one being a business meeting chaired by their president and the other meeting was an outside visit which was supported with a wide variety of both fun and fundraising event at the weekend. The events included jumble sales, Discos, BBQ, Long Eaton Carnival floats and two sell out pop concerts organized totally by Interactor Stephen Gell, Christmas parties and several pre-Christmas visits to retirement homes to sing carols and play bingo.

One year they raised £1,000 to purchase a computer for local youngster who has cerebral palsy and were probably to first group to make a donation to Treetops and much more.

Each year the members would enjoy a weekend camp with around 200 Interactors from all over the UK. The venues were scattered all over from Wales, to London, down to Plymouth and several venues up north.

International projects included sending out several disasters boxes and more recently the Aquaboxes.

Interact is still strong in Long Eaton and is now school based at the Long Eaton School and only last summer they organized a fun day on West Park when around 1,500 attended.

In the late 1980s Ray & Gary visited the Church Wilne Rotary club along with several members of the Interact Club and following the presentation several youngsters of the Church Wilne members became Interactors and these include Chris, Jenny and Jo Wood, James Austin and his pal Johnny, the Plants brothers and Sara Cox.

Interactors decide their own programme with a little support from their Rotarian mentors and they all benefit in gaining confidence, make new friends and learn to be part of a team.

Ray finish by recalling when in Denmark they had hoped to stay with their good friends on a Rotary twinning visit but they had left the area. The club did not know their new address other than it was 30 miles north at the city of Alborg. So off the family went without a clue but having parked up in the city centre Ray shut his eyes for 10 minutes and counted to three, believing that their friend Fleming would walk in front of the car. Yes it worked as visualized but after both being shocked Fleming said it was the first time he had travelled that way home and had just stopped to buy a bottle of wine. We followed him home and met up with his wife and drank the wine. Now that's positive thinking.

If you were a member of the Long Eaton Interact Club in the past and would like to consider learning about and perhaps joining one of the local Rotary Clubs which are the RC of Long Eaton, RC of Long Eaton Dawnbreakers or RC of Church Wilne just email Ray Terry – rayf.terry@btinternet.com

For more information on Rotary, our speaker evenings and the main activities organised by our club please contact Rotarian John Astell at: rccw1220@gmail.com

Ray Terry
For the Rotary Club of Church Wilne

9th November 2015


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