Speaker Meeting 10th October 2016

Steve Haseldine
aim:pi - Raspberry Pi Project

The Rotary Club of Church Wilne recently welcomed Steve Haseldine to its speaker evening. He gave an inspiring talk on initiatives to introduce children to computer programing and give them an introduction to the wonderful career choices in science.

Steve Haseldine with President Simon Beal

25 years ago the BBC launched the BBC microcomputer, it was an instant success introducing children to the joys of computer programming and propelling the UK to being the most computer literate country in the world. Laying the foundations for companies such as ARM which was recently been sold to a Japanese multinational for £24 billion.

Unfortunately, since that time the growth of the internet, microsoft programs and personal computers has transformed the nation to one of gamers rather than programmers. Our universities cannot recruit enough students to fill their computer studies courses and our companies struggle to recruit enough computer programmers.

Whilst Derby employs 12% of the workforce in technology companies (the highest in the UK), we struggle to train our children (especially girls) in science and engineering to take up these exciting opportunities. To address this problem the "Rasberry PI" computer has been launched; a £25 computer with the same capabilities as a £500 lap top. Steven is spear heading initiatives to introduce the computer to our local schools and enabling them to introduce children from 8 years old to computer programming and science. In the pilot schools, where the Rotary Club has provided the "Rasberry PI" computers along with training on the programming of the computers, children have filled all the places in the extra "computer clubs". It has been a wonderful success, the aim is to now roll out the pilot scheme to schools in Derby. For further information please contact http://radiocommunicationmuseum.org/

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Rotarian Dr John A Cook
For the Rotary Club of Church Wilne

3rd October 2016


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