Speaker Meeting 31st October 2016

Emma Fogg and Rick Burton with Brian Stokes
The Art of Resuscitation

On Monday 31st October the members of the Rotary Club of Church Wilne were given a talk at their speaker meeting at the Royal Oak in Ockbrook by Emma Fogg and Rick Burton on the Art of Resuscitation.

Rotarian Brian Stokes introduced Emma and Rick saying they would be giving basic instructions on CPR and all would also have the opportunity to have hands on experience to possibly save a life in the future.

Emma showing the correct way to do CPR

Brian, who is also part of the local first responders group, which was formed in October 2007 and they now have 14 volunteers. The symptoms of a heart attack and cardiac arrest were explained which were for a heart attack pains across the chest, arms and hands tingling, dry mouth and sweating. For a cardiac arrest there was little warning other than a slight pain down the arm. A heart attack can lead to a cardiac arrest

The first 3 minutes after an attack is vital and this is where both the first responders and paramedics are most needed. Emma said never be afraid to phone 999 and then if safe start resuscitation which she went on to demonstrate.

First tilt the head back to clear the airway and check for breathing for 10 seconds. Then start by doing 30 compressions with two fists together pressing on the chest to the tune of Nelly the Elephant.

A demonstration was given on the defibrillator and upon opening up the lid full instructions are verbally given by the defibrillator and it talks through the actions required including stand clear before the electrical shock is given.

Upon recovery the members were shown how best to get the patient into the recovery position.

Everyone present was then given the opportunity to apply the chest compressions on the 4 dummies provided by Emma and Rick.

Andy shows off his technique under the watchful eyes of Ken and Ray

The club's vote of thanks was given by Geoff Smith who said it had been a fantastic evening and yes it works following his recent survival. He was sure after tonight's presentation everyone was now, if called upon, in the situation to do something about it.

For more information on Rotary, our speaker evenings, events and the main activities organised by our club please contact our Secretary, Mick White at: rccw1220@gmail.com

Ray Terry
For the Rotary Club of Church Wilne

24th October 2016


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