Speaker Meeting 23rd January 2017

The Settlement at Ockbrook

On Monday 23rd January the members of the Rotary Club of Church Wilne welcomed Jayne Brewster-Beard and Gail Maskalick who gave an informative presentation of The Settlement at Ockbrook and the Moravian Church.

Jayne said the Moravians first came to Britain in the 1730s and set up congregations by invitation of local people often establishing Settlements with their own farms, industries and schools and even today the Church has two boarding/day schools at Ockbrook and at Fulneck near Leeds.

The talk centred around the Moravian Church in Ockbrook which was built in the mid 17th century and is now one of four Moravian churches in the UK. It brought to the area several smalls businesses including lace making along with houses and a shop.

Gail Maskalick, Jayne Brewster-Beard and Rotarian Michael Massie

There were several pictorial views shown including the cottage which was where the current school for girls was established, the Settlements own Pub which was established in 1799 and the burial grounds.

The Lecture Hall became a convalescent home for injured solders during the First World War.

The Ockbrook Church is looking to make several improvements and 2 years ago held its first beer festival, now has a heritage day and are working on a museum plus tours are also available.

In conclusion Jayne said "We have in Ockbrook the potential to make a real difference to this hidden Derbyshire Treasure"

Rotarian Michael Massie gave the Club's vote of thanks and he was a pupil as a boy until the age of 9 when the school reverted to just girls. He still has great memories of a happy time he had at the school. He also congratulated the Moravian church for starting the Christingle services and over 5,000 services held in the UK each year.

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Ray Terry
For the Rotary Club of Church Wilne

9th January 2017


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