Speaker Meeting 27th February 2017

Ed Hicklin – Derbyshire County Show Update

Ed Hicklin, the chairman of the Derbyshire County Show, gave the Church Wilne Rotary members an update on this year's Show at their weekly meeting at the Royal Oak in Ockbrook on Monday 27th February.

Ed has been the chairman for the past 8 years and said it gets more and more challenging each year and also said the Rotary Club were very much an integral part of the Show with its great support on the day.

Ed Hicklin, standing left, during the talk to Church Wilne Rotary Members

This year the Show will be the 136th and will be held on Sunday 25th June at its new venue of Locko Park. The site has 200 acres and naturally brings fresh challenges with the new lay-out plus traffic and parking. There will be two entrances, with the public entrance off the A6096 Dale Road and this year they will employ professional people to arrange the car parking.

The principal ring will be in front of the house which should work well for everyone.

Last year's Show had to be regrettably cancelled about 5 days prior to the day due to the ground conditions and Ed said the cost to the show was around £60,000 but it was the correct decision as the weather deteriorated further leading up to the event. It is estimated the final loss under those conditions would have been around £140,000.

The Show has many attractions and along with the 600 horses in competition throughout the day there will be something like 800 dogs in various categories, goats, rabbits and many more animals all in competitions.

There are always plenty for the family to enjoy on the day with lots to see in the main ring, classic vehicles, dry stone walls being built and the WI tent. For to those who like to shop there are a wide variety of clothing, food and drinks stalls to enjoy.

It has been the aspiration of the organisers for many years to have their own ground but it's been almost impossible to locate and to find a 200 acre site would now be unaffordable and they have accepted they will never own their own showground.

Derbyshire has hosted the Royal Show on 3 separate occasions in the 20th century and since the Derbyshire County Show was founded on the 29th June 1860 its has been held on a variety of venues. This year will be the 136th Show and Ed said "It has been a challenging time for the Society and the current plan and arrangements are looking good and it will be held on a great parkland setting"

The Club's vote of thanks was given by Mick Barker who referred back to a particular bad weekend for the Show in the 1980s which almost broke the back of the Show and in summary he said to Ed, yours is "One Hell of a Hobby" and thank you for an enjoyable update on the year's Show.

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Ray Terry
For the Rotary Club of Church Wilne

20th February 2017


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