Speaker Meeting 20th March 2017

Andy Adams – RNIB - Talking Books.

The members of Church Wine Rotary Club welcomed Andy Adams to its speaker meeting at the Royal Oak in Ockbrook on Monday 20th March.

Andy, who has been a member of the Rotary Club of Bulwell & Basford for 29 years, gave an informative and at times a highly amusing talk on his personal experience since being diagnosed with Kalnienk vision (also known as Tunnel vision) which started in his 30's and he lost his sight 12 years ago.

Andy's talk to the members was all about the RNIB Talking Books which go back 80 years and was initially reel to reel. More recently the Davey player came along which takes discs and he showed the 20 discs he received earlier this year.

A user of the system with the Davey player and discs

The members were given an insight on how the system works, with Andy having made contact with RNIB. They have around 25,000 Talking Books in stock and he usually finds that 9 out of 10 are available. They arrive through the post free and most books are now on just one disc. Until this year there was a charge for the system but it is now free although donations are welcomed.

An adult book costs around £2,500 to produce and a child's book about £1,500. They are produced at Camden and actors such as Benedict Cumberbatch, Bill Bryson, J K Rowling, Joanna Lumley and Stephen Fry voices can be heard throughout each novel.

Andy also buys magazines such as Private Eye and the Investors Chronicle with the former lasting around 1 hour 20 minutes and the later 10hours, at an annual cost ranging from £40 to £160.

In Derbyshire there are currently about 25,000 blind or partially blind and in Nottingham, 800 to 900 use the talking books service.

All about the RNIB Talking Books

Mike Stevenson, in the club's vote of thanks, said it had been a most interesting and also amusing presentation on what it means to be visually impaired. It is good to hear of the technological progresses that have been made over the years and concluded by saying you are an excellent ambassador for the RNIB Talking Books.

For more information on Rotary, our speaker evenings, events and the main activities organised by our club please contact our Secretary, Mick White at: rccw1220@gmail.com

Ray Terry
For the Rotary Club of Church Wilne

6th March 2017


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