Speaker Meeting 3rd April 2017

John Walker – Be "Safe on Line"

The members of Church Wine Rotary Club welcomed John Walker to its meeting on Monday 3rd April at the Royal Oak in Ockbrook.

John's presentation was about being "Safe on Line" against the many cyber threats present today. He has experience throughout the world having served in the RAF for 22 years and for the past 10 years in the security services. He has also reported in many periodicals on this subject such as the New York Times and Computer Weekly.

The members were told that cyber attacks are a threat to the global economy and cause havoc to many businesses. Protection against advanced cyber-attacks requires amongst other things, that you meet the same level of sophistication as your attackers. Unfortunately most current security technologies fail to do that, resulting in organizations being breached when they thought they were protected. Typical such organizations being the banks, oil and gas companies, Councils, Westminster and, of course, the public.

John spoke in depth about the risks with Wi-Fi and explained how easy it is to get into your computer through Wi-Fi and be most careful when using on trains as that is when you are most vulnerable.

Cyber-attackers use high levels of sophistication to try to get around computer protection.

Other items covered included Ransomware attacks, open source intelligence, credit card fraud, the darker side for terror, human trafficking, and there are even problems with Smart TVs.

Many of the global threats are located in China and Russia. There are also indications that there are links to several recent global attacks.

John said that you can do something about it including, if on receiving your emails you don't know it – don't click it, get anti-virus protection, get your various computer updates, back up critical records and don't use public Wi-Fi unless you are protected. It's about common sense and you need to be safe and secure when on the Internet.

Be safe and don't get held to ransom

The club's vote of thanks was given by Martin Dowey who said that it may be rather worrying but you have made us all think about ways to protect ourselves with a most informative presentation.

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Ray Terry
For the Rotary Club of Church Wilne

20th March 2017


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