Handover Meeting 26th June 2017

From Simon Beal to Adrian Perkins

Simon spoke warmly about Stephen Woolley who has resigned from the Club. He thanked him for his service and presented him with a gift. In reply, Stephen thanked Simon and said that Club members were among the finest friends he had ever made. He would continue to be connected by being a Friend, and his heart would be with the Club.

President Simon welcomed David Biggs, who is transferring to our Club from Beeston. David said he was so glad to be joining and looked forward to his future with the Club.

Stephen Woolley and his tankard with new President Adrian

Simon heralded Adrian as our next President and Adrian assumed the Chair.

President Adrian welcomed Chris Tew as President Elect. (Andy Cartwright was not present, but will also be President Elect).
Adrian confirmed Mick White as Secretary and Graham Knowles as Treasurer.

Adrian thanked Simon and gave his inaugural speech as follows:

First of all, can I say I've had few sleepless nights wondering what to say to you all and, as I look across the room, I suspect there will be many more over the coming year!

Finally, today has arrived, and I am standing in front of you delivering my thoughts and more importantly, my acceptance.

As you may know I grew up in a council house and had a comprehensive education, I run my own business generating a modest income and I get pleasure in making people smile! (Usually at my expense!) So, a pretty ordinary life for an ordinary sort of a guy.

According to Google a Rotarian once said: "Rotary takes ordinary people and gives them extraordinary opportunities to do more with their lives than they had ever dreamed possible." I certainly never dreamed, that the Rotarian nominated to serve Church Wilne Rotary Club as its 33rd president would be yours truly.

If anyone had suggested the idea to me a mere 4 years ago, I would have told them that they'd been drinking too many pints of Tetleys. (but of course in my case that would be tea not beer)!

But I suppose I shouldn't be surprised to realize that, what that Rotarian said was right — Rotary does give ordinary people like me, the opportunity to do more with our lives than we ever dreamed possible.

Every Rotary year builds on the foundation of the previous year. Therefore I'd like to thank immediate Past President Simon for his stewardship over the last 12 months, and I would thank him for his help and encouragement during that time. Simon has certainly brought a breath of fresh air and fun to our weekly meetings, and I very much hope that will continue in the same vane under my leadership.

Will President Adrian be able to fill the shoes of Past President Simon?

My main goal for the club this year is to have fun, to continue and increase recognition of our club both in the Rotary community and in the community at large. To support charities such as Sand Dams, The Canaan Trust, Prostrate Cancer, Air Ambulance and Treetops Hospice Care to mention just a few. I would also wish the club to expand its use of social media and technology in general and to increase membership - the world needs more Rotarians!

To you the members, I would say thank you for placing your trust in me as your President.I am honoured that I have been given the responsibility of leading our Club forward, and promise that I will give it my best 'shot'.

I may not always be on target but with your help and support I'll endeavour to always aim in the right direction.

In conclusion, I will serve Church Wilne Rotary Club to the best of my ability. I will lead and support its members in its many activities over the coming 12 months, and I will represent the club with honour and pride.

Fellow Rotarians, it is with gratitude for your support, and pride in our Club, that I humbly accept the nomination to serve as your president of Church Wilne Rotary club in 2017-18.

Barry Woodhead proposed a toast to Adrian at the conclusion of the speech

For more information on Rotary, our speaker evenings, events and the main activities organised by our club please contact our Secretary, Mick White at: rccw1220@gmail.com

Ray Terry
For the Rotary Club of Church Wilne

5th June 2017


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