Speaker Meeting 4th September 2017

Joseph Warren - School field trip to Namibia

The members of the Rotary Club of Church Wilne welcomed Joseph Warren from Friesland School who gave informative presentation with pictorial support on the school working visit to Namibia.

Their school party of 21 plus 3 teachers recently flew in to Johannesburg before a 2 hour journey to Windhoek and then the next day to the village school in !Qefgab (yes that is how it's spelt) and their language is Ekoka !Kung. There are 300 learners at the school and this includes 150 who live in dormitories.

Friesland School party with some of the learners

Namibia is 4 times larger than the UK and is the 6th largest country in Africa and 27% live in poverty. The landscape is quite flat with the odd pocket of mountains.

The children were very excited on the arrival of Friesland school party and they put up camp on the football pitch which looked more like a desert.

Three years ago the girls' dormitory was burnt down and they were promised a new building which never materialised. So, they moved into the boys dormitory with the boys bedding down in the canteen which is in a very poor condition. Some still have to sleep on the floor and it can be freezing in winter and summer temperatures are between 35 & 50oC.

The group repainted 7 out of the 8 class rooms, organised 50 new mattresses and 50 new blankets to be delivered and painted many images throughout the school plus a map of the world with just Namibia and the UK painted in red. They also built goal posts and net ball hops. They gave them many gifts including lots a stationery items and hair bands.

Elaine, Glynn and Joseph Warren with Andy Cartwright

They also visited the National Park which is the size of Wales where they saw Lions, Elephants, Giraffes, Rhinoceroses, Zebras and many more.

The Friesland school raised the money for the trip through many charity events and the Rotary club made a presentation at the end of the meeting.

The club's vote of thanks was given by Gary Dundas who thanked Joseph for his clear and well presented talk and congratulated Friesland school for its achievement.

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Ray Terry
For the Rotary Club of Church Wilne

21st August 2017


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