Speaker Meeting 6th August 2018

Glenn Wickes
Chief Investigation Officer at "The Insolvency Service"

The Rotary Club of Church Wilne welcomed Glenn Wickes, Chief Investigation Officer at "The Insolvency Service", to a recent speaker meeting. He gave a fascinating insight into the agency's ongoing fight against fraud.

He explained the painstaking work in piecing together the evidence to lead to a successful prosecution. Checking records, searching properties and analyzing evidence. Conducting thorough, carefully structured interviews with final preparation and presentation of evidence. This diligence has resulted in a 90% conviction rate.

In 2002 the Proceeds of Crime Act was introduced with the aim of ensuring that criminals do not profit from their crimes. A case which hit the headlines in May 2018, concerned the seizure of property and possessions of a £1.2m mansion, known as Shedley Manor, which was disguised as a shed.

A declared bankrupt had tried to hide the property, his possessions, directorship of companies and claimed not to have any income. Derby Crown Court heard that the manor, when raided by police, contained £83,000 in art, designer shoes together with cannabis plants and a cannabis production line.

The BBC has produced a number of programs covering the work of the police and agencies involved in tackling fraud. The one featuring Shedley Manor is still available on BBC iplayer

•   BBC One – Panorama, Millionaire Bankrupt Exposed

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Dr John Cook
For Church Wilne Rotary

23rd July 2018


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