Speaker Meeting 3rd September 2018

Valerie Clare
Experiences as Mayor of Erewash

Guest Speaker at the Rotary Club of Church Wilne on 3rd September 2018 was the former Mayor of Erewash Borough Council, Valerie Clare. Valerie was to share her experiences as Mayor of the Council with members of the Club.

Before doing so, however, she was pleased to present a cheque to the Club for £275 to be used towards the provision of an Eco Greenhouse at Draycott School being provided by the Club. The cheque was accepted with thanks on behalf of the Club members by President Chris Tew who stated that it was gratefully received and was a welcome gift towards the cost of providing the Eco Greenhouse.

Val Clare presents the cheque to Susie and Chris
It is for the Eco Greenhouse Project at Draycott School championed by Susie.

Valerie explained that the position of Mayor was for a fixed term of one year and that for one year prior to the mayoral year she would hold the position of Deputy Mayor.Sadly, her appointment as Deputy Mayor was preceded by the demise of her husband Jack and accordingly her daughter Hayley was installed as Deputy Mayoress to work alongside her.

One of her first functions as Deputy Mayor was to attend an informal evening at the local Scouts Group. It came as a surprise when she was requested to give a vote of thanks on behalf of the Scouts as she was unaware that she was required to do so. During the evening she began to realise the amount of people in attendance were mostly volunteers and this formed the basis of her vote of thanks for the evening. More importantly, the importance of volunteers in society generally was something that she continually recognised and valued during her term of office and was a theme used in many of her subsequent speeches.

Surprises were a recurring theme of her experience as Mayor and she recalled a twinning trip in Germany during which she attended what she was assured was an informal evening and dressed accordingly. However, she was requested to go on stage and dance with other invited guests who were immaculately dressed and in stark contrast to her own very casual attire. At another formal engagement she was greeted by a formal reception committee with one man holding a snake that was wrapped around his neck, a somewhat moving experience!

As Mayor, Valerie attended a diversity of functions, many of which were in one day. She remembers one particular day when she was presenting gold prizes in Worcester in the morning followed by attendance at a youth club for the disabled and later presenting citizenship awards to sea cadets. A very tiring day

Valerie concluded her talk by expressing what a fantastic honour it was to serve as Mayor of Erewash Borough Council and how she appreciated the incredible amount of work put in by volunteers from all sectors which needs to be recognised by all concerned.

The Club's vote of thanks was given by Rotarian Simon Beal.

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Derek Sheey-Smith
For Church Wilne Rotary

6th August 2018


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