Speaker Meeting 24th September 2018

Andy Cartwright and Chris Tew
The Force Awakens in Rotary

A long time ago in a Galaxy far away….

Two future Presidents' lives were joined by The Force. Andy Yoda and Chris Vader's lives were entwined by The Force from birth and bound together by experience and aptitude from their early days on different planets linked by a singular dimension to become one within the Organisation.

A very young Chris posing for the camera.

A young Andy happy in a trailer.

Initially, The Force lay dormant in these two infants whose early lives reflected they're similar, yet different worlds. Yoda's knits were lovingly handed to him by adoring relatives while Vader's formative years involved sands and frightening flight endowed creatures and acting – a possible first leaning towards wearing a mask.

As both grew the Force began to show its power to unite them under its spell. They craved audiences, - Vader began to sing and play the guitar. Yoda always for more he asked, a trait that would see him ask a Princess to join with him.

Chris showing off his talents with the bass guitar.

Andy shows he is fearless.

The Force also inspired young Vader to seek a soulmate and marry him. By now young Lord Vader was used to having his own way.

Both enjoy the company of furry creatures – not Wookies or Ewoks, but dogs.

As they grew, the Force was growing within them both and uniting them in a desire to hurl themselves down slopes on planks of wood at alarming speeds.

Chris and Andrea enjoying a scuba trip.

It was this big and didn't get away.

The Force now began its final drive to unite these two Jedi Knights within its fold. As a result of diverse motivations, they both joined the Organisation and began a Friendship which would see them finally unite as joint Presidents within the Empire of Church Wilne.

A friendly glass of wine on a sunny day in England.

The Force: strong within them it is.

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Rotarian David Hewitt
For Church Wilne Rotary

17th September 2018


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