Speaker Meeting 19th November 2018

John Butler - IAM RoadSmart

The Rotary Club of Church Wilne welcomed John Butler of "IAM RoadSmart" formerly The Institute of Advanced Motorists, to its recent speaker evening.

Their aim is to improve road safety through driver training courses. Membership involves passing the prestigious Advanced Driving Test (in either cars or on motor cycles). Formed in 1976 the Derby group, run by volunteers, offers training leading to the Advanced Test standard. Although training progresses at the individuals pace, drivers usually achieve the required standard in less than twelve hours on the road.

Last year there were 1792 road fatalities, including 221 fatalities which occurred during commuting, so it makes sense that we all endeavour to improve our driver skills. The skills learnt during the course also make driving less stressful and more enjoyable.

There were 529 road fatalities involving a driver or rider on a business journey and 144 deaths in the rest of the workplace. To put that into perspective driving on business results in three and a half times more fatalities that all other workplace incidents.

Chris Tew with John Butler.

The good news running up to Christmas is that the cost of training has been discounted. Valid for 12 months, the course covers as many sessions as necessary. John and the rest of the volunteers are there to provide support and guidance throughout the course. A great gift for family, friends and employees. Guaranteed pre-Christmas delivery.

Thank goodness, I took the course 30 years ago when at University, over the years it has helped me to deal safely with the hazards we all encounter on the roads.

To find out more about the Advanced Driver Course please visit the website https://www.advancedmotoristsderby.co.uk/, contact John Butler at reltubj1b@gmail.com or call on 01773 824822.

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Rtn Dr John A Cook
For Church Wilne Rotary

5th November 2018


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