Careers Convention

Friesland School, Sandiacre
Thursday 19th July 2018

An event was held at Friesland School from 17th-19th July 2018 to assist Year 13 Students in making choices for their future Career Paths

Church Wilne Rotary, at the invitation of the Head of 6th form, Mr Mat Puddy, participated on Thursday 19th July when six club members plus several others with close association to the club supported this event.
Members participating were as follows in no particular order, Andy Lord, John Cox, Mike Stevenson, David Biggs, Graham Markwell and David Down.
Others associated with the club were Kate Lord, Lewis Chambers, Stephanie Cook and Stephen Woolley.
In addition there were representatives from Rolls Royce, and Derby University and others involved in the engineering sector.

The day proved to be a successful event in particular it paved the way for the club to re-engage with the school, indeed at Lunchtime the Head Teacher, Peter Monk, said he was delighted to involve Rotary with the school and hoped we would be able to develop the relationship further in other areas. We did, as a gesture of goodwill, make a financial contribution to the event by paying £100.00 for a buffet.

We approached this event as very much a trial run to see what may or may not be worthwhile and overall I hope that we can regard this as a success.

Some of the Team at the Careers Day.

Several of those present sat in for part of the afternoon session where 5 former students who were now at University or in work contributed to an exchange about where their career paths were now taking them. It was an interesting insight for all there to have folk much closer to their age bracket relating what post school life had held for them.

I would like to record on behalf of the club my thanks for all of those involved in this event at Friesland and others who offered to have an input but not involved on this occasion. I hope that the whole club would wish that at any future event similar to this or whatever we may be invited to attend/participate equally enthusiastic support would be forthcoming.

Mat Puddy has asked if we can meet in late September to discuss what we do to develop further on this session including a session for year 11 students possibly on 16 November 2018. He has also passed on our message to colleagues who may have an interest in other areas where Rotary might assist such as RYLA, Children of Courage and the like.

For more information on Rotary, our speaker evenings, events and the main activities organised by our club please contact our Secretary, Mick White at:

David Down
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