Helping with Physio for Hugo

August 2018

Lauren contacted Church Wilne Rotary recently to see if we could possibly help out her 2 year old son, Hugo. This is Hugo's story:

Hugo Louie is just over 2 years old. He has a rare genetic brain malfunction. And other complications such as epilepsy causing him to not talk, walk, crawl, sit up and eat. Daily life for him is extremely hard and everything is so limited for him. Hugo has no equipment at home or special aids to help him progress.

The hospital NHS are so tight for funds it's worrying. We've waited nearly a year to get heard and still Hugo has no equipment or doesn't get regular pysio which is what he needs. I have had to give up work to care and devote my life to Hugo, as he is in and out of hospital, appointments, checks etc so much and he has not yet been granted a nursery place, we are fighting our case why he should go to a special nursery to help him.

As you can imagine, seeing my baby struggle so much, but feeling helpless it's so upsetting. Hugo has to be watched 12 hours a day, as he has epilepsy which is so scary. We have had to have an ambulance out to him on a few occasions due to how severe he was fitting.

Hugo with some special equipment.

Monitoring time for Hugo.

Mum Lauren with Hugo.

Hugo trying out the sandpit.

Lauren has recently set up a justgiving page to help get Hugo equipment and regular physio. She said "We want to give something back to the community and have said we will send the equipment and aids onto other poorly babies afterwards."

I really can't thank the people enough that have supported us at this time. The world is such a beautiful place and brings us together at such needed times. If you recommend anything to help us, we are so unbelievably grateful of any help sent our way.

Church Wilne Rotary were happy to donate £300.00 to Hugo and Lauren to help towards physio and equipment as needed.

If you would like to help, please visit Lauren's Just Giving page at:

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