Speaker Meeting 25th March 2019

Andy Cartwright and Andrea Tew
Climb Kilimanjaro

The Rotary Club of Church Wilne welcomed Andy Cartwright, joint Church Wilne Rotary President and Andrea Tew, joint President of Church Wilne Inner Wheel, to its recent speaker meeting. Recently returned from climbing, and reaching the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro (the world's highest freestanding mountain) they were pleased to announce their challenge has raised £5,264 for Mountain Rescue, Breast Cancer Care and the NSPCC. All funds raised goes to the Charities as Andy and Andrea paid their own costs for the trip. Andy and Adrea thanked everyone for their generous support.

It had long been Andy's dream to climb the mountain and raise money to commemorate his 40th birthday. During training they climbed Mount Snowden at 3,560 feet, the highest mountain in Wales. Kilimanjaro is 4 times higher!

The biggest challenge was altitude sickness, with oxygen levels falling by half. It took 9 days to climb the 19,340 feet before reaching the summit. Days comprised of walking long distances and the fall in oxygen level as they climbed meant their bodies were having to work extra hard. Despite eating three, 3-course meals every day, they both lost weight.

The final climb to the summit started early, at 4 am in the morning. Minus 5 centigrade, weather closing in and snowing, Andy and Andrea fought through the conditions to reach the summit at 11:00 am. Thankfully the weather cleared enough to take photos including stunning views into Kenya and Tanzania. Then came the exhausting descent to complete the trip. And finally, at the bottom, joyous celebrations with family, who due to lack of available communication, had been anxiously waiting for news.

Andy and Andrea on one of the many training walks.

Andy and Andrea made it to the Summit of Kilimanjaro.

The Summit Base Camp.

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Rtn John Cook
For Church Wilne Rotary

18th March 2019


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