Speaker Meeting 2nd September 2019

David Hewitt

Rotarian David Hewitt gave an inspiring talk, after visiting "Cherish Exchange Foundation School", part of a 40 strong team of volunteers, with Derby County Community Trust. Part of a series of visits to schools in the most deprived areas on the edge of Lake Nakuru in Kenya.

The old kitchen - preparing lunch.

The new kitchen - nearly completed.

He took a suitcase full of educational materials donated by the Rotary Club of Church Wilne and friends for the school children. During the weeks visit, David began work to construct a block containing a new school kitchen and classroom.

The school, is a street children project which feeds and educates the local disadvantaged children. It has no direct government funding and, relies on voluntary funding to pay for everything, including teachers' salaries. Information is available at www.cherishthechildren.org.uk

David spent time teaching English and Drama. "The work was so rewarding. These orphaned children have nothing and without the school their lives would be blighted by hunger and lack of education." He also reminded us that "Education is their route out of Poverty

A proud child showing his excellent school work.

Derby County Community Trust's 5 year project is to help the school become self-funding. https://www.derbycountycommunitytrust.com

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Rotarian David Hewitt
For Church Wilne Rotary

29th July 2019


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