Speaker Meeting 23rd September 2019

Kerry Brady - Marie Curie UK

The Club welcomed Kerry Brady – Community Fundraiser at Marie Curie in Derby.

Marie Curie was born in Poland but became a naturalised French citizen. An outstanding scientist, she conducted pioneering research into radioactivity and discovered polonium and radium. She was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize and the only woman to have won it twice.

Kerry informed the members the principle of the organisation was "care and support through terminal illness". They provide help not only to those persons with a terminal illness but also to their families. This takes the form of both emotional support and also support in practical and social issues.

Over 10,000 people die each year in hospital because they cannot obtain access to the high-quality care at home when it is needed.

Marie Curie also provides a support line and help "volunteers" who are able to support and talk to people. The volunteers will visit the terminally ill person and also accompany them on social occasions and help with everyday tasks. It firmly believes in and implements the principle that "your last moment should be as special as your first".

They work closely with Macmillan Cancer Support to ensure that the best help and assistance from both organisations is provided.

Karen said that, like most charities, funding is a continual concern. Whilst they do receive some funding from the government this is nowhere near enough and the organisation is very active in raising funds itself through campaigns such as the Great Daffodil Appeal, public collections and promoting charity donations through Wills, etc.

Geoff Smith and his wife June had collected £220 for Marie Curie at Swarkestone earlier in the year and the Club had also received donations of £110 for the same Appeal.

Kerry told the members about a young boy and a Marie Curie volunteer, who was caring for his father overnight on Christmas Eve. He was very worried and asked the volunteer "Will you be with daddy tonight and will Santa still come?" The volunteer said that she would close her eyes when she heard Santa arriving, and the young boy was very happy indeed.

The Club was very pleased to present a cheque to Kerry for £200 and so a total of £530 had been given by the Club and its members to Marie Curie in the year.

Kerry with President Chris after the talk.

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Rotarian Derek Sheehy-Smith
For Church Wilne Rotary

2nd September 2019


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