Speaker Meeting 7th October 2019

Linda Woodroffe - Watch My Lips

We use that phrase to ensure that we have our listener's full attention, often in a way of emphasising the importance of our words to the listener. How often do actually do it?

Linda Woodroffe spoke to the Rotary Club of Church Wilne on Monday 7th October on the importance of watching the lips of those who are speaking to aid understanding, especially among the hard of hearing. Lip reading is a skill that most of us possess without realising it. For example; we can spot when a TV broadcast is out of sync. Our lips shape the words we speak by forming the sound of the word and the hard of hearing can gain understanding by watching the shapes our lips make.

Conversations between rooms make this difficult and frequently lead to misunderstandings and confusion. Look in a mirror to say the following two numbers 16 and 60. The lip shapes are similar and could easily be misinterpreted without clarification. If you aren't sure about the numbers people say to you ask them to write it down. It saves confusion, especially concerning phone numbers!

Frequently, context is vital to ensure that the full meaning is understood. I wouldn't expect to be asked for a batch to light a fire, yet it is only the initial sound of the b being different from a match, which then makes sense. Linda also rubbished the myth of talking slowly and deliberately (especially when abroad) as this way of speaking distorts the all-important lip shape when talking.

Linda and President Andy after the enlightening talk.

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Rotarian David Hewitt
For Church Wilne Rotary

30th September 2019


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