Speaker Meeting 25th November 2019

Prof. John Walker
From Spying to the Dark Net

The speaker at the weekly meeting of the Rotary Club of Church Wilne on 25 November was the Club member Prof. John Walker: "From Spying to the Dark Net". He outlined his career in Global Security Services which involves extensive travel around the world working with Security Services and in the use of the Dark Net in global security.

John spoke about the Dark Net and with its sophisticated security channels it makes an ideal platform for criminal activity. It is extremely difficult to trace and track down the people behind it. A person could be working in one country but appearing to be coming out of another. It is an ideal platform for money laundering, cash machine and credit card fraud, child exploitation, people trafficking and for "extreme" shopping, where criminals can purchase almost anything, including drugs, firearms, fake ID's, passports and counterfeit currency.

John stated access to the Dark Net was not easy, but part of its continued existence required users to gather and collate data from ordinary people using the world wide web for everyday legitimate activities. John advised when using unsecured networks, such as those offered by some hotels or free wifi hot spots, to avoid sending personal and financial data over such networks since somewhere within the depths of the Dark Net innocent pieces of personal data are being stored with view to being used for a criminal or some other unsavory activity.

John, and the speaker last week, the award-winning actress Molly Windsor, are supporters of Safe and Sound Derby, a charity which helps children and young people in Derbyshire in desperate need of help from sexual exploitation. The proceeds of the collections in the Club's Sergeant at Arms tin for the last 2 weeks of £164 have now been sent to Safe and Sound, which is in addition to the donation sent last week of £250.

President Andy with speaker John

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Rotarian David Smith
For Church Wilne Rotary

18th November 2019


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