A visit to Toyota Factory

September 24th 2019

A group of 12 Club members visited the Toyota factory in Burnaston, Derby on 24 September.

The group was told that the impressive manufacturing facility was opened in 1992 and is the prime site for the production of the Toyota Corolla, with 89% of their output now being exported to Europe. Currently a new car leaves the production line every 80 seconds but at maximum output this can be reduced to 60 seconds.

The group took the visitors' train and visited the "Assembly Line" and the "Metal Press" units. They were told that 69% of all supplies originate from the UK a figure which would hopefully increase in the future. They were given an insight into the scale of the site, the level of automation, and the dedication and pride of the workforce in producing high quality vehicles.

They were told about the "Toyota Way" which is a set of principles set up nearly 20 years' ago in 2 key areas - continuous improvement and respect for people. Rather than refer to workers as employees they are all known as members.

The members at the Toyota Factory, with organiser Ken on the left.

Church Wilne Rotary Club supports several Eco projects and the group was told that Toyota are working hard on being Eco friendly. They have formed partnerships with both Kew Gardens and Derbyshire Wildlife Trust to utilize the considerable amount of unused terrain on the site ( approximately 50 % of the total site area) . This has led to habitat creation for wildlife - hedgerows, meadows, small woods etc. - resulting in very significant increases in wildlife including bees, birds, butterflies and bats.

Since the plant was set up, to help the environment, they have reduced energy by 78%, water by 81% and waste by 62%.

The group was told that the donations received from all the visitors to the factory help Toyota to raise £300k each year to support the local community.

Ken Austin, who organized the visit, said " everyone had a thoroughly enjoyable time at an amazing industrial site of which Derby can be very proud " .

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