Speaker Meeting 20th January 2020

Josh Windsor
My Life in Music

The speaker on Monday was Josh Windsor, full time musician and drummer with Fahran. Josh started to play the drums at the age of 4 and turned professional at 13.
He has played for many different groups with a wide range of styles including Nottingham Gospel Choir, Private Jazz Functions, played at Rock City, Nottingham and with a variety of Rock and Metal Artists, also writing songs and performing with band Toxic Federation at the age of 11 and later to play the pub circuit, session studio work with the BBC, The Answer, Bigfoot, Kamelot, Chasing Dragons and offered work with Kylie Monogue!

Josh has been writing and recording songs for the past three years, toured with UFO also UK and foreign tours with current band Fahran

A talented musician who also sings, plays Guitar, Keyboard and Classical Piano, a teacher of drums and is endorsed by Sabian Symbols & Vater Drumsticks.

Josh is a fan of drummers John Bonham of Led Zeppelin and Andy Parker of UFO and aspires to the band White Snake.

Josh presenting a painted drum skin to President Andy.

Last November he came up with the idea of spray art on drum skins to raise money for Charity and can be seen above presenting one of these pieces to Rotary President Andy Cartwright.

Josh has a BAFTA award winning sister called Molly who was a speaker at one of our meetings last November.

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Rotarian David Smith
For Church Wilne Rotary

25th November 2019


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