Speaker Meeting 27th January 2020

Martin Sykes
Long Eaton and District Talking Newspaper

Martin Sykes, from the Long Eaton and District Talking Newspaper, was the Club's speaker on 27th January on the work the organisation undertakes on behalf of blind and partially sighted people throughout Erewash and Broxtowe.

He outlined how a former Editor of The Long Eaton Advertiser, Tom Roberts, was inspired to help blind and partially sighted people access his newspaper.

In 1978 a public meeting was called and the Long Eaton and District Talking Newspaper, or LETN as it is known, was born. Initially the technology was reel to reel tapes and as new technology has come on-line this evolved to cassettes and currently memory sticks. These can be played in dedicated players which are free to all of 160 people registered with the charity.

The dedicated team of volunteers produce over 30 stories every two weeks to be distributed to the readers. Many of these, including articles ranging in subject from gardening to music appreciation, are available on-line. This on-line presence has enabled LETN to reach a world-wide audience over recent years.

The valuable work undertaken by LETN is reliant on donations and grants. Long Eaton local supermarkets, Asda and Tesco, have been generous supporters in recent years.

Further information on LETN can be found here:

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Rotarian David Hewitt
For Church Wilne Rotary

20th January 2020


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