End Polio Now - Crocus bulb planting in Draycott

Young girls proudly display their purple fingers

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of Rotary's campaign for the eradication of Polio around the world Church Wilne Rotary Club recently presented Draycott In Bloom (DIB) with 3,500 Purple Crocus bulbs for planting; in doing so Rotarian Adrian Perkins joined members of DIB on Sunday to plant the bulbs on the Millennium Green in Draycott.

Adrian said "The purple crocus represents the colour of ink dabbed on a child's little finger to indicate that they have been immunised against polio".

Adrian stated that "The Purple Crocus is an easy way for us as a Club to reach out to your wider community and awareness for End Polio Now".

Rotary also sell fabric Crocus as a major fundraiser for the End Polio Now Campaign. Rotary Crocuses are being distributed in 15 countries and have already raised around £300,000.

You can find out more by visiting www.rotarycrocus.com

The team dig the turf ready for planting

Bulbs in now to put the turf back

Adrian displays the placed commemorative plaque

A job well done - the team celebrate with a photo


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Rotarian Adrian Perkins
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