Blooming Marvellous - Crocuses come up trumps for Polio

Crocuses blooming in Draycott

After Church Wilne Rotary Clubs donated Purple Crocus bulbs to the Draycott in Bloom team earlier this year the crocuses are new starting to show their true beauty. The crocuses were planted in the park next to Draycott Primary School and have really added a splash of colour.

The purple crocuses are to represent the purple dot of ink put on each child's finger after being given the Polio drops. Only a few weeks ago Church Wilne Rotary club member Greg Maskalick had the opportunity to take part in a mass inoculation programme in India. Greg said "It's great to see the crocuses starting to show, as it will hopefully keep in peoples mind the great work Rotary is doing to help eradicate Polio around the world."

Greg administering the Polio vaccine during his recent trip to India

The purple dot after immunisation

A riot of purple

A job well done - the crocuses bringing colour to Draycott


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