F1K Indoor Karting - Wymeswold, Leicestershire

The intrepid band of Karters
Travis Perkins, Graham Knowles, Adrian Perkins and Peter Woods

The Church Wilne Rotary Club organised a trip to F1K Indoor Karting centre at Wymeswold, Leicestershire to take part in a Kartathon.

A very enjoyable if somewhat tiring evening was had by all with some excellent racing especially between the 3 speed freaks with Graham "built for comfort, not speed" gallantly trying to prevent dangerous overtaking manoeuvres a couple of times per race.

Things were not helped by Adrian, Peter and Travis given the "Mercedes"-karts while Graham had to make do with the "Manor"-kart.

Graham at the front - his usual place until the race started

Team photo - Travis was playing photographer

Adrian seemed to not understand the "No Bumping" rule though he refrained long enough to avoid the sin bin. He did manage to break the barrier and come to a halt on the other side of the track before having trouble with his car which resulted in him getting an even quicker car!

Only Graham took this sign seriously!

Graham was also at a disadvantage because he was the only one to take notice of the slow down signs and it took a few laps for him to realise that there were no go faster signs to help. In addition, the other 3 had previous karting experience whereas Graham's last drive in a go-kart was pedal powered.

There were 3 races of 20 to 25 minutes each. Peter won the first race, Travis took the second race and Adrian made sure he won the third race. Graham got the prize for best fuel consumption!

The 3 determined racers
They were there to win at all costs

The best lap times posted were very close for everyone with Graham managing to cut the gap from 5 seconds in the first race to 2 seconds by the end.

Live action - it was faster than it looks

Well done to Adrian for organising the evening and a big thank you to the friendly and helpful staff at F1K Karting.

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Graham Knowles
For the Rotary Club of Church Wilne

Paul Harris
Fellowship Awards


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